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From The Beginning To The End

1893 words - 8 pages

Act One Scene One
Kian: I can’t believe it’s the last day of summer. Thanks again for inviting me to your house.
Blake: Blake has a surfer accent It’s fine.
Kian: notices Blakes new neighbor Hey who’s that?
Blake notices Andy throwing and catching a ball from afar
Blake: What points at Andy that guy?
Kian: Yeah and don’t point at him. I don’t want him to know were talking about him.
Blake: Oh, he’s my new neighbor. I think his family moved in like a week ago.
Kian: Do you think he’s from here?
Blake: Hell no. Just look at him wearing his sweater vest and long pants. Its hot today he should at least just be a poser!
Kian: True.. he doesn’t look comfortable at all.
Blake: I heard he may be going to our school.
Kian: Really then we should go talk to him! Kian starts to walk over to Andy
Blake: Grabs Kian He looks a little bit busy playing catch by himself.
Kian: I doubt that and besides he’s starting to walk over here.
Andy walks over to Kian and Blake.
Andy: (no accent) Hey guys I’m sorry, but I’m new here and I was just wondering if either of you go to Santa Rosa High School?
Blake: Yeah we go there, but man you gotta chill.
Kian: What he’s tr— never mind anyways are you a freshman or something?
Andy fidgeting with his shirt and stutters
Andy: N-no my dad had to move here because of his job. I am a sophomore, but I’m only 14.
Blake: Oh gnarly dude were sophomores too. You’re gonna love it here. Kian rolls his eyes
Andy: I like your shorts. Where did you get them?
Kian & Blake: Holister.
Andy: Oh ,I see. Is that where people shop here?
Blake: Pretty much everyone just wears flip-flops or vans, a sweet tee, and some shorts. You should take my advice, and do so too. Blake scoffs and stares at Andy’s clothes.
Andy: Okay then well nice meeting you I’ll se—hopefully see you tomorrow at school!
Kian: Bye
Andy walks off stage and Kian quietly talks to Blake
Kian: I told you he wasn’t going to be that bad.
Blake: Man I guess so, but like I said before that guy needs to chill.

Scene Two
Kian and Blake are entering school and they see Andy behind them. They stop in front of the door before entering the school.
Blake: Oh, hey man sick outfit. Looks like you took my advice.
Andy: Yeah, these clothes are pretty comfortable, but I’ve already seen like six people with the same shorts, and our high school isn’t that big.
Blake: Oh yeah, I have the same ones. It’s fine. Anyways are you nervous for your first day at Rosa High?
Andy: Yeah I guess so.. that reminds me I was just wondering if I have any of the same classes with you?
Kian and Blake look at Andy’s schedule.
Kian: Yeah we all have Geometry and Chemistry together.
Blake: Are you any good at chem cause I heard it was hard and we usually suck at science.
Andy: I don’t know yet.
Blake: Oh okay.
Kian: facing Andy also I have Acting II with you!
Andy: Sweet pause Blake do you have anything else with me?
Blake: No man sorry.
Andy: It’s cool.
Kian: Well we all have to unpack, and get our books ready. I’ll...

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