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From The Comfort Of Your Own School

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Somehow it seems that they are always the ones to win the spelling bees. They make other high school kids look E-L-E-M-E-N-T-A-R-Y. These students succeed because they were exposed to a better learning environment, were able to progress at their own pace, and had the freedom to choose their own studies. These kids are home schooled kids, and their style of education is more beneficial than public schooling.
Home schooling is an educational system based at the home. Here, a child learns at their parents' hands, sometimes by a tutor, typically on a one-to-one basis. Now, this is not all "loosey-goosey" like many people think and stereotype about. A home schooled child learns the same standard material just as any other public or private schooler does through textbooks, worksheets, and of course, tests. Yes, they still have to take those darn tests.
First, the home is a better environment for teaching. Children/students are kept safely away from dangerous peer pressure, germs and other spreadable viruses, and they can build up stronger character and family relationships. In public schools, things like peer pressure and bullying can be very unnerving and stressful to a student. They can lead to harmful substance abuse and bad decisions. statistics show that peer pressure and bullying are two of the main causes of teen suicide and alcohol/drug related deaths. Other students in a public school can act as a negative influence on the child. They can pick up swearing and new phrases, new fashion trends and hairstyles, and assume a whole new attitude. The parents may suddenly wonder, 'what has happened to our darling little boy?' Well, generally speaking, they kid has succumbed to teen society and gave up their individuality to "fit in". This is not always the case, however it makes up a majority of kids in the public educational system. Kids in the home school educational system need not worry about "fitting in".
Home schoolers also don't have to worry about germs. In a public school it is easy to pass around viruses and that dreaded seasonal flu from one kid to the next. Everyone touches the same desks and the same doorknobs and the same textbooks... shudder at the thought. At home, the illness is contained withing the family. And, even if a home schooler is sick, they may not have to miss a day of school because they would not have to find transportation. By not being exposed to as much germs and being at home, the home schooled student will miss less lessons, not have to scramble to catch up, and thus will learn more faster.
Being at home is also beneficial for the family. The parents teach their children personally and spend a majority of their time with them. All this extra face-time results in bonding. The bond between the parent and child becomes stronger and closer together than that of the public schooler's relationship with parents. Remember that public schoolers tend to pull away from their family and towards their peers....

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