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From The Ground Up Essay

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The coffee shop where I wait for Karen is loud and busy. I sit and take notice of the people around me. The shop is filled with young and old people alike, and I notice the differences between these two generations. The younger crowd sits at almost silent tables everyone’s eyes on the screens in front of them. The older crowd sit and talk. Face-to-face with friends at their table and even with strangers at other tables, by eavesdropping and then inserting themselves into the conversation. While some of the younger people find this behavior rude, I find it oddly charming. When Karen comes in, I immediately recognize her bright smile. Karen is an older woman with brown hair and kind eyes. ...view middle of the document...

Karen chose to help open this plant because it allowed her to fulfill her family obligations, something that I get the feeling is very important to her. Another reason is that it was a new challenge she would get to build this office from the ground up. The company showed a lot of confidence in her by leaving her with very little supervision. This has enabled her to be a better mother and to have more confidence in herself.
A typical day for her involves a little mind reading by foreseeing the needs of the production line, and paying close attention to any changes in the its schedule. It is her responsibility to make sure the plant has everything it needs to run smoothly, including all the materials used to package and ship the chicken, and all of the necessities for the day- to- day operation of the plant. It can get stressful, holding people accountable for the unnecessary supplies they use. Another time when her job was stressful was when the company changed ownership, a few years ago. The uncertainty about her job security, and the new procedures were difficult to handle, but Karen got through it by being a valuable team player.
Karen is in my opinion a great optimist, even in the face of all the stresses of work and life, she has nothing much to complain about. Her professionalism and advice was inspirational to me:
“Enjoy what you are doing. You spend too much time at work these days… don’t let it be something you don’t like doing.”
She seems to focus more on the people and the atmosphere around her. I know from experience that this happy attitude rubs off onto her co-workers. It makes a better...

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