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Brittany TaylorKristi LockwoodHighschool English26 October 2014Similarites between Malacandrian theology and Christianity.Although various biblical allusions appear in many novels, most are not easily interpreted. In order for a reader to be able to recognize an allusion they must first understand what an allusion is. An allusion is a comparison to something that goes deeper than what is just stated. In the novel Out of the Silent Planet there are many references to the Bible. C.S. Lewis uses various biblical allusions throughout Out of the Silent Planet to portray the characters and setting on Malacandra.The first biblical allusions in Out of the Silent Planet is the comparison between Maleldil the Young and Christ. As Ransom spends several weeks with the hrossa he learns that everything was created by Maleldil the Young. C.S. Lewis used Maleldil to represent Christ, knowing that Christ is the creator of all things. Another thing about Maleldil the Young and Christ is their intentions with their creations. According to Magill, Ransom discovered that Maleldil the Young did not create the worlds and races to last forever. Christ's ultimate plan when he created the universe was to one day have it destroyed. It is to be understood that Maleldil had the same plans when he was creating the universe. The last reference between Maleldil and Christ is the meaning of their names. The word Maleldil derived from Anglo- Saxon means "Lord of Judgment". This obviously means that he was the judge over Malacandra. As Christ being the judge.The next allusion that appears in Out of the Silent Planet, is the comparison between the Old One and God. The Old One was one of the higher spirits that lived with Maleldil. The Old One was described as having no body or parts. The fact that C.S. Lewis described him like that is evidently because he is comparing the Old One to God. God is a spirit that has neither a body or functional parts; God just exsists. The other reference that suggests that God and the Old One can be compared is where they live. The Old One and Maleldil the Young live together and rule from Melidorn. This is similar to how Christ and God live and rule together from heaven.Furthermore, C.S. Lewis uses allusions for the description and residence of the eldila to angels. The eldila were lesser spirits that acted as messengers. After Ransom was on Malacandra for a while, a eldila appeared bringing him a message from Oyarasa just like angels sometimes appear on earth bringing messenges from God. Another reason why eldila are like angles is because of where they live. Melidorn is described as being an island of great beauty inhabited by many eldila. Most...

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