From The Sylabus: Write A Personal Narration Of Important Issues In Your Life, The United States And The World

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Standards and ExpectationsIn American society most of us have good health, enough to eat, and a roof over our heads. We take for granted that we have a system of laws and regulations to deal with any eventuality. Our system is based on the assumption that free people will be honest in government. This is its greatest strength and it's greatest weakness.In my mind it does not take into consideration those people that see this as a self-serving opportunity. They either do not understand or do not care that distorting the system for their own ends will inevitably lead to a collapse of the system. These corruptions run the gamut from giving a "friend" a break at the DMV by erasing a traffic violation so he can get lower rates, not doing what you know is right for someone because you don't like their "attitude" that morning, right up to kickbacks for giving a service not earned. The I've got mine! and, Hell I'll be dead by the time that hurts anyone attitude has become commonplace.Human society has had corrupt politicians for as long as we have had government. The system in America is no different. From Tammany Hall, to the Iran/Contra scandal, we have dealt with and overcome these setbacks. Even so our democracy is fragile, as it is dependent on the individual honesty of each of its citizens.Everybody Does it"Everyone's doing it", "that's how things work", "Its just this little bit", "they have so much money they'll never notice", " and my personal favorite "they owe me" or how about "they screwed me and I'm getting mine back". I am sure you could ad many more.It is the multiplication of people that think this way that concerns me here. It seems more and more people are jaded, and lack faith in our system and each other. An open person, is seen as a potential victim. Telling the truth and accepting what you get is wrong if you could get more by lying. Why not? "Everyone does it". What are you a sucker?Most of the people I know think all government is corrupt, and yet would never believe that their personal transgressions are corruption as well. After all they are just looking after themselves in a cutthroat world. Never seeing it is "their" throat cutting that makes it so.This problem, as I see it began in my the 1960's with the dismantling of our educational system in an effort to redress the racial inequities present then.As I grew up I remember listening to my older sibling talking about school and subjects like Civics, and algebra, and so on. I was curious about it and was told oh go away I'm studying and you'll get into this in school anyway. But I never did. The education I got was, I see now designed to create a class of people that could read instructions and not much else. The system was changed even as I went through it. Social Studies replaced history, so I never did find out about Charlemagne or the other figures my siblings spoke of. And it goes on like that. I was there when our system was dismantled. Even more ridiculous changes were...

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"From 1781 to1789 the Articles of Confederation provided the United States with an effective government." Using the documents and your knowledge of the period, evaluate this statement."

954 words - 4 pages was even a nation or barely thinking of it, the group of colonies was gaining a million dollars more than in 1789. This shows that under the Articles, the United States was not flourishing as they should be. A large, and one of the most important effects of the Articles of Confederation, was that there had to be a unanimous vote among the states, no matter what the size and population, to make most decisions. Rhode Island, known as the

Finding the Nation: The Issues with Modern Immigration Policies in the United States

1661 words - 7 pages can be illustrated by examining Jacob Hornberger’s essay “Keep the Borders Open” and Peter Brimlow’s essay “A Nation of Immigrants”. Jacob Hornberger makes it clear in his opinion that the main cause of an immigration problem is the establishment of laws restricting immigration; which he believes that the founders of the United States would not condone restrictions on immigrants. In comparison, Peter Brimelow takes a definitive approach by

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1331 words - 5 pages United States Governmental Issues During the Late 19th Century Thesis: Although the American Government failed to take effective actions to solve the major concerns of the late 19th century, many attempts were taken to solve such controversal conflicts. The young divided nation that had just reconstructed itself from the debts of a civil war now stood as a whole to deal with even more domestic issues. Problems concerning civil service

From your understanding of leadership, explain why it is important to attend to both task and process issues.

2253 words - 9 pages Untitled In today's world a leader has a lot of issues to deal with in an organization or in an organized group of individuals. The two major issues that arise in an organized group are task and process issues. What is leadership?" Leadership is the process of influencing the activities of an organized group in its effort toward goal setting and goal achievement."(Stodgill 1950) (Huczynski and Buchanan 2007).In other

From Your Understanding of Leadership, Explain Why It Is Important to Attend to Both Task and Process Issues

2044 words - 8 pages In today's world a leader has a lot of issues to deal with in an organization or in an organized group of individuals. The two major issues that arise in an organized group are task and process issues. What is leadership?" Leadership is the process of influencing the activities of an organized group in its effort toward goal setting and goal achievement."(Stodgill 1950) (Huczynski and Buchanan 2007).In other words the leader is a person who

Was told to write a declaration for a controversial group or organization. I wrote about gay and lesbians' rights to marry in the United States. Pronouncement to Gay and Lesbian Rights

1070 words - 4 pages marriages are a freedom and the United States supposedly symbolizes freedom. However, legislation in the United States denies the rights of homosexual marriages. This type of action is contradictory to what the United States stands for. Some people of the United States are deciding what others can and can't do in marriage, and still believe that this is a justifying approach to a free country.As Americans, are opposing same-sex marriages stopping

United States Health Issues.

1593 words - 6 pages debate for example, support opposing arguments and does not clearly allow for a truly rational debate. A statement in the British medical journal The Lancet, helps add support to this issue, "it is expected to be keenly scrutinized by both sides in the heated debate over whether marijuana belongs in the medicine cabinet." In summary, the biomedical and biosocial model are important issues on how the popular press expresses themselves in terms of health care. Health care depends on these two models to be a large factor of how we as people administer our society.

United States' Racial Issues and Past

915 words - 4 pages United States' Racial Issues and Past Introduction In 1860 Abraham Lincoln became the President of the United States of America. He was from the North, and so the Southern slave owners were afraid to lose their slaves. Because of this they separated from the USA to become the Confederate States. This sparked off a war between the two ends of America, the North and South, it was called the American Civil War

Case Study: Kanzen Berhad: The United States and AntiDumping Duties Globalization, international business, non-tariff barriers, and international trade issues.

1622 words - 6 pages market for stainless steel pipes had grown three fold from 1991 to 1992, less than 20% of the stainless steel pipes and fittings were sold in Malaysia. Before KTSB began stainless steel production in Malaysia, any stainless steel import was subjected to a 30 percent import duty and the distribution channels were poorly designed. Thus, only large companies could afford to use stainless steel. The remaining 80% was exported to the United States

Case name: iPremier Case 1. Issue identification. 2.What do the facts/issues suggest, and why is it important to consider the issues you raise? 3. What does your analysis suggest should be done?...

1318 words - 5 pages .� There are many issues that iPremier company can modify/improve in order to create a safer environment for its data warehousing architecture from future hackings and also save important transactional data such as credit card information, various identification information etc. First of all, Qdata should be brought up to the complete situation. They should be able to help iPremier about diagnosis of such kind of problems and escalate

This essay hits on three years that hepled to shape the nation. The dates were extremely important to the united states, and seem to be forgotten of how they molded us to be.

919 words - 4 pages Our nation, the United States of America, is a country that is still to this day a young country. We still have lots of growing to do until we can be our best. Over the past fifty years much development has happened and America is definitely a better place to live in thanks to the many sacrifices made for our future.1954, in this year following the end of World War II, many Americans were creating new lives for themselves. Suburbs, schools, and

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990 words - 4 pages strong state government. The Federalist believed in a strong central government. Some of the issues they disagreed on were ratification of the Constitution and the purchase of the Louisiana Territory. Before the Constitution came to be, the United States had a set of laws called the Articles of Confederation, which were approved in 1781. The Articles of Confederation gave a lot of power to the states and not very much to the central government

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748 words - 3 pages Tense TimesIn February of 2000 I was stationed in Kuwait as a senior airman in the United States Air Force. I was a member of a flight of paratroopers (also known as "pj's") assigned to help enforce the No-Fly zone in Southern Iraq. Life there was fairly uneventful; most of the days were spent sweating and placing bets on mid-eastern versions of cockfights with scorpions and camel spiders. While on duty we went though life-like exercises to keep