Ever Since Detroit Was Founded In 1701 Great Leaders Have

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Ever since Detroit was founded in 1701 great leaders have made significant marks in our state. In my opinion the five most important individuals are Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, Henry Ford, Coleman A. Young, Hazen Pingree, and Mennen Williams. These five men have developed Michigan into what it is today. If it was not for them Michigan and the most well known city in the United States, Detroit, would not be as successful as it is today.Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac is my first significant person in Michigan history because he was the founder of Detroit in 1701. In 1694 Frontenac set Cadillac to take command at Michilimackinac. Cadillac was one of Frontenac's protégé. Cadillac was born to middle class parents and was a native of Gascony. In 1658 he came to what is now Nova Scotia and served as a privateer. He came back to America in 1690 and became lieutenant in the colonial troops, and later became captain. At Michilimackinac he served as commander for three years. He also supervised forts nearby in Michigan, Illinois, and Wisconsin. In Michilimackinac there were thousands of Indians and hundred of fur traders migrating to this settlement. Cadillac made enemies with the Jesuits because they were trying to convert the Indians to Christianity and Cadillac was selling brandy to them. In 1699 Cadillac influence France to take control of Detroit and settle there. Here soldiers, traders, and missionaries would be assigned and French families would live here, Indians also settled there. Cadillac would receive rights of a landlord and collect money from the French settlers. He also made a large profit from the fur trade business by buying out the Company of the Colonies of Canada. On July 24, 1701 Cadillac landed in Detroit with 50 men and 50 soldiers. That fall Cadillac's wife came to Detroit from to France to live there. He also provided land grants in Detroit known as the French Ribbon Farms. People moved in on these lands and paid Cadillac annual fees. After Detroit was established about 2,000 Indians moved to the area and established villages there. While in command of Detroit for nine years, Cadillac had three main enemies, they were the Indians, the Jesuits, and the settlers because of his greed for money. Cadillac was appointed governor of Louisiana in 1710 and returned to France in 1717 where he died in 1730. Henry Ford is the second most significant person in Michigan history. This is because he brought so many influenced ideas. Ford was born in what is now known as the City of Dearborn on July 30, 1863. The first time that Ford knew he wanted to do something that would change the world forever was in 1876 when Ford would see a self propelled steam threshing machine. Ford felt that this event had changed his life.Ford Motor Company did not come up until 1902. Alexander Malcomson, a Detroit coal dealer, had Ford sign an agreement with him to work on a passenger car. Malcomson then convinced his family, friends,...

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