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From The Top To The Bottom

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This essay explains the life of John Travolta. This essay contains things about his career, who he is, what he is known for, and much more. Growing up John was a simple kid with a simple life. He wanted to be a pilot, and growing up he adored planes. Little did he know that one day millions of fans would be at his mercy. He hit the top at an early age but when you’re at the top, the only way to move is down.
Starting out as a young actor is not his easiest thing to do. John was born into a family of performers and it was only fate that he would follow in their footsteps. His big time break was in Bye Bye Birdie, where he portrayed the role of Hugo Peabody, boyfriend of Kim McAfee. Soon ...view middle of the document...

Grease was John’s first musical performance (Blue 32-34). Saturday Night Fever was John’s biggest movies (Blue 44-45). Staying Alive was the sequel to Saturday Night Fever and also a big movie for John (Blue 56-57). Welcome Back Kotter was Johns break through. His first TV series that made “John Travolta” a household name (Blue 38-39). The Boy in the Plastic Bubble was a made-for-television film. In the year they filmed this movie, Travolta starred in the movie Carrie.
John grew up in a catholic household. He wasn’t ever devout in this faith, but as he got older his religion faded away as he found an alternative (Blue 13-15). Diana Hyland and John shared some romance on the cast on The Boy in the Plastic Bubble. They fell in love despite her age, or her illness (Blue 42-43). Scientology was John’s way out of reality. L. Ron became Travolta’s inspiration. L. Ron is the founder of scientology (Blue 68-69). Another romance of John’s was Kelly Preston. She is still his beautiful wife today. They have two kids together, one boy, Jett, and one girl, Ella. Jett was their first child. Jett was named after John’s obsession, airplanes. Jett unfortunately passed away while the family was on vacation one summer (Blue 92-93).
What goes up must come down. John started making some horrible choices in movies to star in. he was severely criticized about these choice by the public. Some critics say that his movies...

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