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From Traditional To Modern Teaching English

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KUTAISI AKAKI TSERETELI STATE UNIVERSITYEnglish studies departmentVITALI SIMSIVEFROM TRADITIONAL TO MODERN TEACHING ENGLISHSUPERVISOR:RUSUDAN GVILAVAKUTAISI2005Nowadays, when the market of education at technology is full of suggestions how to teach English, a very actual issue has arisen: "what methods of teaching do you use?" A thoughtful student or a businessman often stops in front of bookshelves, full of linguistic literature or books on media and steadily goes through the long list of advertisements. One of the true criteria is - price, but the main one ... - "English in two weeks", "The communicative Methods of Teaching English", Effective Express - methods", "English on Subconscious Level."The new and unknown items has always caused suspicion. Can we rely on modern technology? Or are more reasonable "brands" such as: - "Bonk", "Ekersley" or "Headway"?Most wide spread methods of teaching are the following:Fundamental methodsClassical ways of teaching languagesLinguo-socio-cultural methodsCommunicative methodsIntensive methodsEmotional - semantic methodsPreparing for test and qualification examinations.It is evident, that in the XX century a revolution in the methods of teaching English took place. In early times priority was given to Grammar, to mechanical study of vocabulary, to reading a text and a particular attention was paid to its literary translation. These "old school" methods were quite fruitful, but due to what? The teaching of language required a lot of labour. The tasks were the same: reading the text and working on topics. All these methods help to develop only one function - informative one. It's no wonder that the foreign language was spoken fluently by only few individuals.Only very purposeful and industrious people were able to learn a language perfectly. However, they could compete with a Cambridge graduate, in terms of their Grammar. Without doubt, they had high compensation for their work. The profession of a teacher of foreign languages and of an interpreter was very popular.Today, you need: diligence, big efforts and regular practice to hold such kind of position. Definitely there is something "revolutionary" that the foreign language became available for the majority of people.The famous specialist in linguistics and teaching of languages had a very functional approach: "The unprecedented required unprecedented suggestions".The teachers of foreign languages were put in the centre of attention of the society. It was necessary for Scientists, Cultural, business, and technical specialists to learn foreign languages as an important instrument in their fields. They did not take interest in its theory or history. Foreign languages, especially English were needed functionally to use it in different walks of social life and for communicating with people from different countries.It is noteworthy that the form of teaching has also changed. Here is the main point is: what are the contents, the structure of the course and the...


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1935 words - 8 pages most convenient sources of information i.e. Internet which provides most of the information in English, 5. to be proficient in English during the job hunting processes like interviews, group discussions, personality development, 6. to cooperate and communicate with different people from different parts of the world in English after getting a job because English is spoken and used worldwide. Therefore, communication skills in English play an

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