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From Warrant Officer To Police Officer

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After completing the GEMS essay it was determined that I am an Upward Mobile Analyst; a technical expert. I agree with the conclusion that was made based on my responses to the survey. As a Warrant Officer in the Army National Guard I am expected to be a technical expert in my field, radar systems. I am also expected to be an expert in my career field as a police officer. I am expected to know the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and how to judiciously enforce them. I strive to learn and retain everything I can in order to be the most proficient soldier and police officer.
Based on the survey, I possess many traits that reinforce my grand type as being an upward mobile analyst. Several traits listed captured my attention which include leading, flexibility, and dealing with facts. As a police officer I am expected to be the person that everyone comes to for assistance. As a police officer I am expected to be in charge of a situation. It is my job to take charge and solve a problem or problems. If I am an ineffective leader I will lack respect and problems will go unsolved. I also have to maintain the ability to remain flexible in my career. Every call that I receive is different than the last. If I developed a routine at work I would lack efficiency which ultimately will cause a citizen, another officer, or me to hurt. Probably the most important trait discovered is that I prefer to deal with facts. When conducting an investigation facts are what will secure a criminal conviction or solve a simple neighbor dispute. It is not my place as a police officer to interpret the laws, but rather to enforce them with the factual information that I obtain during an investigation.
Traits that I am lacking are visual learning and aural learning. As a visual learner I am not too keen on opening a book and extracting the information that I need. Unfortunately, as a police officer things change on a daily basis whether it be a court decision or the way force is to be applied to a subject. Because I know my job as a police officer I am not...

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