To What Extent Does ‘The American Scholar’ Reflect The Values Of The Declaration Of Independence And The American Constitution?

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The American scholar is a speech given to a group of scholars at Cambridge in 1837 talking
about their knowledge of independence among oneself. Encourages scholars to be a man of
action, work hard and take part in activities, should have self trust and above all be brave and
free. Ralph Waldo Emerson was a philosopher who followed the theory of transcendalism and
along with this he utilized it practically. According to Whitman’s American philosophy,
“Transcendentalism is a philosophical moment started between 1830s and 1840s, transcendalism
is a very formal word that describes a very simple idea. People, men and women equally, have
knowledge about themselves and the world around them that "transcends" or goes beyond what
they can see, hear, taste, touch or feel”.( Transcendentalism, an American philosophy, 2014).
This essay focuses on declaration of independence on what scholars should do that draws the
entire essay together and will no longer depend on its European past, the notion of pursuing
happiness and liberty of freedom.

At the end of 18th century the French revolution took place, the romantic period emerged which
gave new life to writers of this revolution who believed in freedom and imagination that had
deeper meaning of basic morals. New writers developed a new style of writing. They were
thinking and writing, imagination was what they preferred as of in earlier period of Augustan
age writers were not really thinking they wrote whatever seemed right because they gave reasons
and logic whereby writers could not express their feelings.

The Americans were dominated by British colonial parties under rules and regulations
of British government and the Americans wanted freedom of independence as the parliament
lacked consent of American people. “The Revolutionary war had already begun and several
major battles had already taken place. The American colonies had already cut most major ties to
England and had established their own congress, currency, army and post office”.
(MRNUSSBAUM,declaration of independence) long duration of abuses and torture
seem more likely to affect their safety and happiness so it was their right to overcome British
government and form new government of their own. Soon declaration of independence was
announced on 4th July 1776 whereby it declared the freedom for the people of America from
British government. Thomas Jefferson was known as the founding
father and the author of declaration of independence who made and explained that people has
right to fair government because he relates values of equal rights and individuals freedom.

Pointing out the inspirations of this essay Emerson gives a clear thought that scholar are too lazy
and not working hard due to this their hard work is not paid off as they depend upon Europeans
literature. “In the degenerate state, when victim of society, he tends to become mere thinker, or,
still worse, the parrot of other men’s thinking”.( ...

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