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To What Extent Was The Film Elizabeth An Accurate And Faithful Account Of The Main Events Of Elizabeth's Reign? How Useful Is The Medium Of Film In Helping People To Understand Events Of The Past?

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The film Elizabeth is ambiguous unto whether or not it was faithful. Generally, the outline of the film is correct, but certain factors have been modified and some created to create more drama and interest. However, there are many historical inaccuracies; this is for dramatical purposes, making the film valuable to those who wish to view it for entertainment purposes, rather than educational. Whilst the film gives an outline of events, it cannot be relied on for factuality. Nevertheless, it provides insight into the lifestyle she led; we see how the people of the time dressed and how Elizabeth lived. Three events that have been distorted are the relationship between Elizabeth and Robert Dudley, the characterization of Elizabeth and the violent settings of the film.In the film Elizabeth, Elizabeth and Robert Dudley's affair was misrepresented. Many key events in the relationship were omitted. Elizabeth was shown to be outraged when she discovered Dudley was married. In fact, she was present when Dudley wed Amy Robsart in 1550. Although she become infuriated when Dudley married Lettice Knowles 20 years later. We are led to believe the two became involved shortly before Elizabeth's imprisonment for treason in 1554. However, Dudley had been in jail since 1553 over his involvement in a coup led by his father, the tyrant Northumberland, intending to oust Mary and Elizabeth for of Lady Jane Gray. The first evidence of their involvement was in a dispatch from deFeria to King Phillip dated April 1559:"During the last few days...Lord Robert has come into favour so much hedoes what he likes with his affairs. Her Majesty visits his chamber day andnight...People say [Elizabeth] is waiting for [Amy] to die so they can wed"This contradicts her self-imposed image as the 'Virgin Queen', a reputation she was proud of. The film does not show the public outcry resulting from their relationship. The public feared Elizabeth would wed Dudley. They feared this because of his father and grandfather, Edmund, who was executed. There were persistent rumours they parented children. In 1581 Henry Hawkins said:"Lord Robert hath fyve children by the Queene and she never goeth inprogress [tour of the Countryside] but to be delivered"While the existence of these children is thought improbable, Henry VIII fathered numerous children, raised without the Tudor name. The gossip about their private lives peaked when on September 8 1560; Amy Dudley was found dead in her home, Cumnor Palace. She had been depressed for a long time. That morning, Thomas Blount, a distant relative, delivered a message to her from Dudley. It is believed this message stated Dudley would divorce Amy for Elizabeth. Modern theory suggests Amy, who had breast cancer, suffered an Aortic Aneurysm, which can cause mental aberrations - explaining her depression. Sudden slight pressure can cause bursting of the aneurysm and instant death. The resultant fall caused her neck to break. Her coffin was recently exhumed and...

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