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To What Extent Is Integrated Positron Emission Tomography/Computer Tomography (Pet/Ct) More Effective Than Pet And Ct Alone In Preoperative Assess...

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Lung cancer became one of the leading health problems in contemporary medicine. Moreover, it continues to be a common cause of cancer death. According to Siegel et al. (2014), mortality statistics for lung cancer is estimated nearly 159,260 people annually in the United States. The survival rate after the surgery is approximately 50% (Tinteren et al. 2002). This means that the risk of unsuccessful surgery is substantial. Computed tomography (CT), traditionally used in preoperative assessment to evaluate the surgery outcomes is not likely to decrease the percentage of lung cancer’s wrong assessment. Recently, positron emission tomography (PET) became the focus of attention, because it has several advantages over CT. Despite this fact, due to some limitations, it does not provide a significant improvement in the lung cancer’s management. Consequently, the compound of these two machines is supposed to be better than conventional assessment with CT or PET alone. Nevertheless, it is necessary to indicate the occurred shortcomings. Therefore, this article will compare PET/CT with solitary CT and PET by analyzing accuracy, sensitivity, possible risks, cost-effectiveness, and limitations criteria. Afterwards, it will conclude that this method of tomography is more beneficial than others. However, there are still some areas for future improvement.
To begin with, all CT, PET and PET/CT scans are used to create a three-dimensional picture that provides detailed information about the processes in human body, which is especially important for the lung cancer staging. The main difference is that PET uses a nuclear imaging method to display metabolic data in contrast to CT with magnet resonance imaging that shows anatomic information (Brenner and Hall 2007; Gambhir 2002). Consequently, PET/CT scanner combines some of their components and works mostly as PET, but uses the CT images to correct the results (Beyer et al. 2000).
In order to evaluate these types of tomography, the first criterion – accuracy will be discussed. According to Lardinois et al. (2003), in tumor staging, PET/CT scanner provides the most accurate results in comparison to CT and PET alone. Classification was correct for 35 patients out of 40 and only 1 person’s disease was identified incorrectly. CT and PET were correct in 23 and 16 patients respectively that proves the higher accuracy of computer tomography over PET. However, both machines made a wrong conclusion about 20% of patients that declines their value compared to PET/CT. Contrary, in another type of experiment, integrated PET/CT classified 6 out of 37 patients incorrectly, which is even more than solitary PET did in this study. This excessive error could be explained by a comparatively small amount of patients participated in the study. Shim and his team (2005) established evidence to this rebuttal by conducting the experiment included 106 patients, where PET/CT provided only 5 false-negative interpretations. Therefore, it was...

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