To What Extent Was The Greek Victory At Troy Due To Military Tactics And Technology, Rather Than Military Intelligence?

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To what extent was the Greek victory at Troy due to military tactics and technology, rather than military intelligence?The Trojan War has been an epidemic for historians to express their viewpoints. It is the ultimate tale of love, war and deceit, the very morals that we hold so dearly to our heart. This story incorporates every ideology that we refer in our everyday of our lives. Military historians have used this tale not as a myth but as historical evidence explaining how modern tactics and intelligence have evolved from our ancestral roots. The Trojan War has one famous military tactic known to most as the Trojan horse. In this essay I will be expanding this concept of tactics and corroborating with other sources to prove that tactics and technology were the ultimate stratagem that won the Trojan War.On the way to Troy from Aulis, the Mycenaean's seem to have stopped first at the island of Scyros and sacked it. The army of Scyros were no match against such a large invading Mycenaean force. [ ] The attack would have been a morale booster as well as allowing the generals to see how their untested army might perform. [ ] The advantage of this tactic was that the battle for the beach of Troy would have been a much more efficient campaign as the Mycenaean's had an already good morale from Scyros.Lemnos was a potential crucial source of supplies for any Mycenaean camp at Troy as well as a potential market for any captives they wanted to sell as slaves. [ ] This tactic would have supplied the Mycenaean army meaning that there was a less percentage of mutiny because of starvation.Once taken the Trojan beach, superiority of Mycenaean ships would have given them access to supplies and perhaps income from ships that stopped, while denying the same luxury to the Trojans. { ] Tactic that would have increased the provisions of the Mycenaean's, gives evidence of the tactic of lowering percentages of starvation.The Mycenaean's took an incorrect turn and landed on Mysia, North of Troy. Thinking it was Troy attacked the king Telephus of Mysia and was wounded. In exchange for medicine to cure his wound, King Telephus showed them the direction to Troy. This shows the fragility of early navigation as well as early military intelligence. This would have given more time for the Trojans to prepare for the Mycenaean's. [ ]Mycenaean's had three advantages when it came to grapping a beachhead:1.Their ships were fast, mobile and even with just half decks they served as raised platforms from which to throw down projectiles. Homer quotes "horses of sea" [ ] this shows that the Mycenaean ships were swift and fast as well as being strong bodies like horses.2.Experienced at making fighting run ups onto the beach, Trojans had little practise in such operations.3. Knew how to jump down onto the shore rapidly while holding up a shield and how to land their ships in formations to maximise archer's efficiency. [ ]The technology of the ships as well as the tactics used to employ...

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