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To What Extent Have Changes In Legislation Achieved Equality In The Labor Market? With Reference To 'gender'?

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To what extent have changes in legislation achieved equality in the labour market? With reference to 'gender'?In this essay I will be examining the concept of equal opportunities in relation to the diverse work force in Britain. This essay will develop a comprehension and recognition of the anti- discriminatory legislations, the implementation of this and the effectiveness of it within the labour market: it will also principally concentrate on gender inequalities in employment.There are employers that differentiate in the treatment between male and female in workplace is called gender discrimination, and the law prohibits it. According to Giddens " employer that treats a women with assertive personality in a different manner than if she had been a man is guilty of sex discrimination". (P.158)Both men and women employees should be treated equally in the workplace or otherwise the employer will be penalised and the law will take its process.For many occupations there are still traditional perceptions of 'women's work' and 'men's work', this could be referred to occupational segregation. The idea that men and women experience different working practices contradicts the view that organisations are neutral and objective. Perceptions are beginning to fade out but old habits are hard to get rid of. According to Giddens (2001) there are three main areas of inequalities at work for women such as occupational segregation, women in part-time posts, and the wage gap. He suggest that occupational segregation signifies that men and women are seen to be in different roles, which are traditionally male and female work. There are two components related to occupational segregation called vertical and horizontal. When women are concentrated in roles of low authority and cannot work their way up to higher positions and males are occupying the powerful and leading roles, it is referred to as 'vertical segregation'. Horizontal segregation is referred as to as being males and females occupying different types of work for instance where women are highly concentrated in domesticated roles whereas males occupy the semi-skilled/manual work. Occupational segregation has occurred due to alterations in the organisation of work and sex/gender role stereotyping. Giddens (2001)Sociologists have their own theories around sexual divisions of labour which differ in many ways for example Alcock et al (2003) believes that the feminist analysis on gender is that gendered divisions of paid and unpaid work and the gendered inequalities that result require much more complicated policies and aiming to treat women the same as will not do. Giddens (2001) states that functionalists believe that gender differences contribute to social stability and integration within our societies and that gendered roles are biologically programmed within us. Feminists on the other hand strongly critics the notion of biological programming and also argues that there is nothing natural about these roles and...

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