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To What Extent You Think Appeasement (1938) Started Ww2:

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Firmly in power in Berlin, Hitler started his plan for Germany's expansion.He knew war was inevitable--he had been planning for it since 1933, so he ignored the T of V, and in 1935 Germany was rearming; later on the same year, heremilitarized the Rhineland in 1936.By March 1938, Hitler neglected the Treaty again and reunited, with Austria, his homeland into theGerman Reich. London and Paris turned away.Hitler made demands upon the Sudetenland populated mostly by German-speaking people and not To forget; was ally with Prague.England was not willing another conflict like the Great War, which was scaring the British Prime Minister,Neville Chamberlain, who would do anything to avoid conflict with Sudetenland to further actions.Therefore, on September 29, 1938, Mussolini, Hitler, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, andFrench Prime Minister Daledier met at the Munich Conference to come up to a peaceful solution to the crisis.Chamberlain needed support so he worked to convince France not to support Czechoslovakia, and France agreed because didn't want to fight Germany by itself.Hitler promised Sudetenland was his last go, Chamberlain believed that if Hitler got what he wanted, Britain would avoid going to war; if Hitler did not get what hedemanded, a major war would occur.So to avoid war, he was prepared to give Hitler what he wanted to appease or satisfy him. By 1938 September the 29th Hitler got Sudetenland. Hitler's part of the deal was to promise that he would threaten no other country in the future. This was a promise he quickly made and wouldbreak just as fast. Chamberlain claimed success, and stated that he had saved...

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