From Your Perspective, What Are The Two Most Problematic Pitfalls Inherent In Business Information Technology?

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From your perspective, what are the two most problematic pitfalls inherent in business information technology?Security is certainly number one in my list for obvious reasons. My company's important and potentially confidential data must remain mine. Initially, copies of important files were transferred to disk or magnetic tape but with the advent of the computer modem and subsequently the Internet, ease of access by unauthorized parties seeking access and information or those out to harm has never been easier. It seems that as soon as Microsoft rolls out a new program, hackers figure out a way to get past the security measures placed in the program by the developer. It seems that the developers could do a better job relative to researching all angles prior to release to the general population. I realize that getting the product to market in the most expeditious manner provides funding for future R & D but, the consumer is generally un-suspecting or un-knowing that the problem exists until its too late.Obsolescence ranks second on my list based upon the computer manufacturing industries ability to continue to roll out a "better mousetrap". The software developers then follow on with increasingly hard to sustain hardware requirements necessary for running the new software. This limits the consumer in my opinion. How fast is fast enough when all you do is email? How much storage does the home computer need? With the introduction of CD-RW drives, storage should not be a problem for most users. Businesses now utilize "scalable" servers that allow the system to grow as demand warrants and budgets allow. Many companies now lease business machines so as to cycle new machines in every three years. At...

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