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Frozen Essay

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She looked out across the wide expanse of water in front of her. The sun was well in the sky by now, but not a cloud in sight to challenged its brilliant and bright superiority. Anna believed it looked nice enough to go for a walk, however, she realized it was a good thing she brought her cape, drawing it in closer to shield from the bitter air.
Olaf accompanied her, chatting aimlessly about anything that caught his eye. Spending time with the snowman was easy, and frankly he was the only one around willing to venture with Anna on this bitter morning. Kristoff was spending time with his family while Elsa delegated with Percy, the judge, through two court cases that arose soon after they awoke this morning. However, with the sheer bitter weather, it was hard for Anna to convince herself to stay on this walk, even though she needed it from the many sweet indulgences enjoyed last night.
There was little common ground shared between her and Elsa, but one thing is for sure is that chocolate is a place where they ca n meet on good terms.
“What's in the sky?” Olaf asked.
“Huh?” Anna brought her eyes down from the blue expanse above to the snowman beside her.
“You keep looking up. What's in the sky?” He repeated
“Well, it's not what is in the sky. It's what is not. I'm wondering when it will start snowing.” Anna admitted. “If it's going to be this darn cold out, we might as well have some snow.”
“Elsa can make it snow!” Olaf offered eagerly.
Anna smiled at his attempts for problem-solving. “Yes, but it's not the same.”
“But snow is snow,” he said, raising his stick hands to the flurry above his head.
“Right again, but there is something just magical about the first snowfall.”
Olaf stopped walking then and shot Anna a look. “You're searching for magical here, and don't think Elsa is the person to ask?”
“No, she's the perfect person, actually.” Anna admitted. “But I… Olaf can I tell you something? Something that can just stay between us?”
“Yea, right here,” the snowman nodded while gesturing with his stick hand between the two. Anna wasn't sure if he was taking the phrase literally or not.
“Well, I would love to ask Elsa to make it snow, but at the same time, I don't want her to feel like I'm using her because she can make that stuff happen.” Anna sighed. “Elsa is so much more than her magic, and I don't want her to think that is the only thing I seek from her.”
“What else do you seek from her?”
“Oh, I don't know,” Anna shrugged. “A shoulder to cry on. Someone to confide my secrets too, someone to share my love of eating chocolate, and maybe even someone to tell me I'm being foolish to get engaged to a man I just met.”
“You and Kristoff got engaged?” Olaf's voice rose several octaves higher.
“No, no,” Anna shook her head vigorously and slashed through the air with her hands to make an extra emphasis. That rumor did not need to go around the kingdom, nor did Elsa need to hear it. “I was talking about,” Anna struggled with his name and...

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