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The movie Frozen is without question the best Disney movie that has been released in the last decade. Audiences of all ages will laugh, cry, and fall in love with the characters and well as the story; a fairy tale that will warm your heart. From the first scene you are drawn in by Elsa and Anna’s relationship. The roller coaster of emotions has audiences rooting for the sisters throughout their journey. With the perfect audience in mind, paired with stunning music, and our love for Elsa and Anna as they discover themselves, this lose remake of “The Snow Queen” will draw you in until the final credits roll.
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After a nearly killing her sister, Elsa locks herself away in hopes to learn to contain her powers and never hurt anyone again, leaving Anna left in complete isolation. Anna longs for her best friends back and can’t understand why Elsa is suddenly giving her the cold shoulder. But not even chilly princesses can fend off warmth forever. On Elsa’s coronation day, it’s tradition that the entire kingdom is welcomed in for an extravagant ball. Elsa knows she must take every precaution she can to make sure she doesn't freeze everyone out, but it's not enough. Frigid Elsa says no when Anna falls in love and in desperation, Anna grabs Elsa's hand and pulls off one of her protective gloves and the eternal winter blows in.
Frozen is said to be loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen's story of "The Snow Queen, but, really, this isn't so much of a retelling as a complete remodel job. Many of the characters and all the spirituality have been stripped away. What’s left behind is an ethical but almost wholly irreligious fairy tale. Beside the fact that Elsa's coronation takes place in a church and is presided over by what looks like an Orthodox priest and all the supernatural activity going on, most notably Elsa's strange powers and the colony of rock-like trolls. Elsa's abilities are not spiritually derived, and she has neither asked for them nor does it appear that anyone else has put a spell on her
Disney Pixar did a wonderful job creating a movie that is safe and entertaining for all ages. Children, parents, and grandparents alike will all adore it. While there is some violence it is generally meant to be humorous. Snowman Olaf, for instance, falls literally apart with the slightest incitement and sometimes melts. Characters get hit and thrown and spun around and fall down into relatively soft piles of snow. There is more serious dangers here, too. An army of soldiers go looking for Anna and Elsa, having been instructed to "take care of the monster.” They try to kill Elsa with swords and crossbows, while Elsa tries to impale a solider with an icicle and pushes the other off a balcony with a wall of ice. Later, someone nearly kills Elsa with a sword and someone succumbs to a deep, magical cold. A friendly reindeer nearly drowns and Anna and Kristoff are chased and attacked by wolves. Despite the violence we're warmed up with lessons: how we should accept and help people who are different from us, even if they are a little...

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