Fruit Desserts Essay

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Fruit Salad

Fruit salad can be simple and tasteful substitute for rich and heavy dessert. When making a fruit salad, it is important to use fruit that is ripe and firm. The best effect is made when using fruits with different textures and different colors. It is important to cut the fruits to the same size, so it is easy to eat it with the spoon.
You should first make light sugar syrup that you can flavor with vanilla pod, cinnamon stick, citrus peel and cardamom seeds. You can also add mint leaves, bay leaves, ginger or lavender flowers to the syrup. When the syrup is cold, you add diced fruit inside and leave it in the fridge at least 30 minutes.
You can serve fruit salad in the small bowl or arrange fruit slices on the plate. You can also hollow out the orange or pineapple and put the salad into the hollowed fruit.

Fruit Jelly

Jellies were famous in Victorian England. Than, it was a dessert that only rich people could afford. Exotic fruits were expensive, jelly was difficult to make and there were no refrigerators at that time. The Victorians were specialists in making all kind of complicated molds for these wobbly table centerpieces that were the crown of every significant dinner.
Fruit jellies are made of water, fruits, gelatin, sugar, and some colorings can be added. You can read all about gelatin and its use in "Ingredients" chapter.

Fruit Jelly

Water 75 g
Sugar 75 g
Gelatin 10 g
Fresh fruit juice 250 g
Liqueur 3 tablespoons
Fruits 250 g

• Soak gelatin in cold water.
• Make syrup of water and sugar, remove from heat and add bloomed gelatin. Let it dissolve.
• Add fruit juice and liqueur to the warm syrup.
• Put some of the liquid at the bottom of the mold and let it set. That way fruits are going to be enclosed in the jelly, they won't stick out from the shape.
• When the first layer is set, put some of the fruits on top of it and pour a little bit of the liquid, just enough to cover the fruits. If you put too much liquid, the fruit will become to float....

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