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Fruits And Vegetables Essay

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With a large variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and nutrients, fruits and vegetables have been a “golden road” to a healthy life for centuries. Providing a multitude of vitamins, carbohydrates, fibers, natural sugars, and calcium, these two healthy companions may seem alike in many ways, considering they individually share several nutritional values, but they do in fact have many differences.

There are in fact several similarities about the two, but they also have many differences. For example, to start off, fruits are mainly produced from the flower of the plant, while vegetables grow from the ground up, as the actual plant. Since the beginning of time, farming and agriculture have been exceptionally popular globally. In America, there are more than three-hundred thousand land areas used for farming, such as crops, fields, and farms. In general, farming of fruits takes approximately seven to ...view middle of the document...

Known for their unique tastes, colors, sizes, and shapes, fruits and vegetables together are said to be the body’s best friend, despite their differences.

In defiance of the fact that fruits and vegetables have their differences, they also have many similarities. Providing a positive nutritional value for almost every element of the body, scientists and nutritionists are constantly stressing the idea of consuming these products for better health within the body and mind. Considering they come from directly from the earth, the nutritional values are incredibly high. Photosynthesis transporting food and nutrients to the plant, such as: carbohydrates, iron, protein, fiber, and calcium. Along with the assistance of water, fruits and vegetables carry these values throughout its life span, giving them to the body, when consumed. Not only do they have nutritional values in common, but they also share similarities visually. Each color that the fruit or vegetable beholds, represents a different nutritional value. Also, they are commonly known for their unique tastes; one of the many reasons why they’re incredibly popular. Whether it’s sweet, sour, both, or even bitter, you will in fact receive a great quantity of vitamins, calcium, and niacin, which can assist the body greatly. Not only this, but they also contain antioxidants and photochemicals that can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, a high content of fiber that help control blood glucose levels, and more than any other food, they contain essential vitamins and minerals that are vital for pleasant health and disease prevention.

Whether it is a fruit you are consuming, or a vegetable, you will certainly receive many positive nutritional values. Many may get them confused, because of specific looks, sizes, or even tastes, but they are in fact different. For example, many are baffled by the concept whether the tomato and olive is a fruit or vegetable. According to the microscopic elements and minerals contained, the both of the foods are fruits. Even though, many may point out the obvious similarities of the two they have a tremendous amount of differences.

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