Fruity Pebbles Essay

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August 9, 2014
Dr. Carpenter
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Tina_DeLuca_Burger_King_Timeline_BA464_Promo_Strategy Page 1
Burger King is as American a word as Apple Pie; maybe more so. I would bet that most children say
"Burger King" before they do "Apple Pie," But then again, many people say "apple pie" while at
"Burger King;" it is one of King's "copy-cat" menu items. For it was Burger King which put the
onion ring onto the fast food menu, but it was its rival and #1 burger outlets, McDonalds, who
gave the cardboard wrapped pie its "name in lights."
Although borne nearly 3,000 miles apart, on different ends of America, both fast food restaurants,
Mr. Burger King, better known as Burger King and Mr. Ronald McDonald, better known only by his
surname, McDonald's, have been rivals since infancy; with Ronald a mere hair older than Miami
Born, Burger.
The history of Burger King's earliest years appears mucky with several different versions of his
birth floating around the internet. One account as told by Don Daszkowski in his History of Burger
Burger King is as American a word as Apple Pie; maybe more so. I would bet that most children say

Tina_DeLuca_Burger_King_Timeline_BA464_Promo_Strategy Page 2
King, states that James McLamore and David Edgerton, two Cornell University students visited a burger
stand run by Keith Kramer and Matthew Burns from Jacksonville, Florida. The burger stand called Insta-
Burger King showcased burgers built on a stove called an Insta-Broiler. The students wanted to open
their own burger joint with equipment that would top the Insta-Broiler and in 1954, the students came
up with a gas grill called the flame broiler which they thought would give
the Insta-Broiler a run for its money. The result was the flame-broiler and with it they opened the very
first Burger King restaurant in Miami, Florida.
Another account is an article entitled simply, History of Burger King, in Huffington Post, as told by The
associated Press, gives a slightly different version of Mr. King's entrance into this world. This version
states that Keith Kramer and Mathew Burns were the inventors of the Insta-Broiler, which could churn
400 $0.18 cent burgers in an hour, and owners of the business they started called the Insta-Burger King.
Two of their franchisees, James McLamore and David Edgerton, had gone to California and visited the
ever growing popular McDonalds and "decided to replicate the concept of an efficient, limited-menu
restaurant back on the Atlantic coast. (The Associated Press). The two men then bought out Kramer and
Burns, wiped the Insta out of the name, and Burger King was born.
Unfortunately, the official Burger King does not...

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