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Personal Success In Homer´S The Odessey

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Many man have the desire to achieve personal success in the things they desire to do. As this is the case, many of them deem to obtain failure instead of success. Therefore there is something more than just desire that makes a man successful in his personal journey, which is the capability to belief in himself to succeed in the things that he desires to do with his life. Man throughout history have seen this quality as a quality of importance and tho is shows literature. Homer story about “ The Odyssey” is a prime example as how mans self belief can even be more powerful than the curse of a God. While self belief is important, it is never the less of a struggle until success takes its place. Which will outdo any struggle that he would have to go trough..
While everyone says they want to be successful, few of them are willing to pay the price to become successful, as they all fear failure, while in reality fear of failure is failure itself. The things that one might lose while trying to become successful ,like family and friends, is outdone when success becomes a reality. As family and friends might not see the obsession of becoming successful in the thing that one might desire. They are okay with being mediocre, not changing anything on this earth, turning back to dust when they die. Therefore they are blind, unable to see what would make one want to become successful. Not taking into consideration the amount of effort and sacrifices it takes for one to achieve personal success.
This brings up another point on the negative side of having the desire to wanting to become successful. One must be willing to sacrifice the things of present wants and at certain times even things that are needs. To accumulate the knowledge needed to achieve success one might has to forgo sleep and food, as they only take up time. As only trough suffering man can gain knowledge. When Homer wrote in the Odyssey when Odysseus and man were getting trough the sirens. He had himself tied to the sail pole to show the path, while the other man plugged their ears so they would not hear the sirens and could keep rowing. Is similar to when one , Odysseus, have the desire to succeed and willing to sacrifice the things of current wants, the sirens, while others keep following the road of mediocre, the man rowing, living a normal live until they die and there soul goes to Hades for them stay for eternity.
Another negative factor that comes with becoming successful is the fact that one might start to lose the support of others that use to stand behind one before he decided to go his own way. The causes that might be a factor is the time requirement that it takes to become successful is tremendous and the other people can not fantom what would takes ones so much time that they could not partake in activities as they did in the past. Therefore they assume that the one chasing success is just ignoring them ceasing to being friends with that individual.
While this happens in many...

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