Fuel Crises Essay

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Chambelie Arif

World Fuel Crisis

When it's thirty below outside, getting into a frigid car doesn't sound too appealing.� Hitting that auto-start button would be the easiest option at that point, but is it the healthiest?� Should the comfort of the individual out weigh the needs of the world?� Every time a car is turned on it emits deadly toxins into the Earth's atmosphere.� Fuel will not be around forever, and neither will the Earth if we keep beating it up.� Although getting into a warm car in the winter is a pleasurable experience, excessive idling causes immense harm to the environment because this squanders this non-renewable resource, the resulting carbon monoxide emissions have a toxic effect on animals, humans, and the earth's atmosphere, and unnecessary gasoline usage perpetuates the U.S.'s reliance on oil as a primary source of energy.

Gasoline is classified as a fossil fuel.�In the United States we depend greatly on gasoline, therefore it would be intelligent for us to try and conserve it.� Gas is defined as a non-renewable resource because of the fact that is takes years to regenerate, meaning, once we are out, it will be a long time before we have anymore. � The scary thing is that this in our lifetime, this is not one of those things that we can just say "oh well this won't affect me".� Think about not being able to just hop in your car and head down to the supermarket, we would have to resort back to prehistoric modes of transportation citizens should be thinking about what will happen when our fossil fuels run out.� Excessive idling of vehicles accelerates the eventuality of this day which, as explained above, can happen in our lifetime and certainly will happen in the lifetime of our children.

Lessening the pollution is one of the best ways to save the energy. If people aren't worried about saving the environment they should at least be worried about the amount of...

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