Fuel Efficiency Is The Key To A Better Life

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As the price of gas keeps getting higher and higher, so does the demand of alternative power sources. Though the vehicles we drive now have been good enough for the past 100 years, they are not efficient enough for our needs today. We need to find new ways to create fuel efficient vehicles. Whether it is gasoline, battery, hydrogen, solar, or even wind powered, we must find alternative ways to increase gas mileage. The benefits of increasing gas mileage would be a healthier environment, a boost in the economy, and help for families across the United States. Our current vehicles are not acceptable in any of these categories.
Using more fuel efficient cars would be a lot easier on the environment. The cars that are on the roads today spit out all kinds of harmful emissions. If we were to increase the fuel efficiency of those cars then the emissions output would be greatly decreased. One way to increase gas mileage would be to find an alternative power source for ...view middle of the document...

Another reason that fuel mileage should be increased is because, in more than one way, it would boost our economy. As of right now our economy is slowly sliding into a recession. If congress were to pass a law requiring that all vehicles being made must get a certain amount of miles per gallon, then it would create many jobs around the nation, in turn giving life to our economy. With a sudden demand for new technology, automakers would be forced to hire people to take on the task of developing new engines that could achieve the given standard. They would also have to hire people to build these cars. If you are thinking that this wouldn’t help the economy because they would just use the people that they already have hired, you’re mistaken. Because this new technology would be saving people a lot of money on gas bills, there would be a constant demand for these cars, meaning that production would have to increase. This would then lead to the hiring of thousands of workers. Since people would be buying them to save themselves some money, they would be, in fact, regenerating our economy.
Finally, better fuel mileage requirements would help out the families in our country. Now, because gas prices are so high, families have had to cut back on their spending. As the price of oil goes up, so does the price of other goods that families frequently buy. Eggs, cheese, milk, and bread are just a few of the things that have had price increases in the local grocery stores. The cost of these items hasn’t gone up due to their demand, but rather because of the prices of gasoline. The increased cost of these goods means that families essentially have to pay for gas twice. Once for the gas itself and another time for the increased food prices it has caused. If fuel efficient cars were developed then it would provide relief for many families across the United States by lowering their gas bills and, hopefully in the long run, their food bills too.
In the end more fuel efficient cars would be in our best interest. They would help to save our environment, regenerate our economy, and lower the bills for families in the United States. Sure cars are meant to do one thing, get us from point A to point B. If they were more fuel efficient, however, they would help make our daily lives easier and more enjoyable too.

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