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I have a dilemma that may not seem to be of much consequence; however, it has bothered me, for some time. The cost of fuel in my daily travel to, and from work has become the costly monster in my monthly expenditures. Fuel prices, for Diesel, and Gasoline have me considering the addition of another vehicle to become my daily driver. I may have to park my diesel truck except, for the times I must have a tow vehicle. The emphasis on the purchase of a different vehicle has been at what point the purchase becomes necessary rather than an indulgence in status. Fuel prices since the start of 2011 have pushed the dilemma to the forefront, and the following dissertation is my reasoning, for the decision I have made.

My Dodge 2500 truck has been my faithful servant, for more than ten years, and has helped me log over 314,000 miles safely in comfort. This vehicle averages 20 miles per gallon, and that equates to $80.00 per week at the current price of $4.00 per gallon. The cost of tires, for this truck is $820.00 per year, but they are ten ply tires that almost never go flat on the roads I travel. Oil changes cost $64.00 every 6000 miles as the truck takes 11 quarts of lubricant plus a filter. Maintenance aspects of the truck are insignificant as I do all the labor myself, and that allows a savings in the outlay of cash. The safety of this truck may not be emphasized enough as it has lived through a head on collision with a guardrail at 55 miles per hour, occupant unharmed. The ride of the truck is comfortable even on long hauls, it allows, for a smooth ride over the rough roads I drive every day.

The Ford Fiesta is my choice as an additional vehicle, for many reasons, the excellent mileage, the great safety rating, and the new automatic transmission. The car is purported to achieve 40 miles per gallon, at 400 miles per week with gasoline, costing $3.67 per gallon, the fuel will cost $36.70 per week. Tires on the Fiesta are 15 inch, yet they are only four ply, which allows road debris to affect tire longevity. Tires, for this car will cost $340.00 per year having no unforeseen tire demise due to the roads traveled, and hazards encountered. Oil change will be $27.00 every 3000 miles as the car uses five quarts of oil, and a filter. Maintenance aspects on this mode of transport are mitigated once again as I will undertake the labor myself. Safety ratings on the Fiesta are good except, for the passenger compartment. This rating is average, for side impact on the passenger compartment, which should not be a factor in my daily transportation needs....

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