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"Fueling Drug Costs In Today's World" This Essay Takes A Look At Whats Behind The "Rising Drug Costs" And The Value Of Medicine Today.

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Fueling Drug Costs in Today's WorldIn today's world, prescription drugs cost is on a rising trend. Consequently, much of the national debate today is over the cost of medicines. As consumers living in the United States, the consumption of and dependence on prescription drugs is more than any other country alone. This is surprising since the United States isn't a third world country in which poverty adds to the rate of disease and illness. So why is it that consumer's have such a high dependence on prescription drugs? What's causing the increase in drug cost? The answer to these questions may at first seem complex; however it is quite simple if you take a look at what's behind "rising drug costs" and the value of medicine today.Living in the 21st century means living in a world of technology. Consumers consistently always want the best, be it automobiles, electronics, or appliances. They go from wanting one new thing, they get bored with that, and move on to the next hottest buy. This mindset guides consumers into always wanting the best drugs. Unfortunately, many Americans complain about the high cost of prescription drugs. However, patients themselves are driving this price trend by rushing to buy more and more drugs, including new ones that hit the market every month. Preferring the most advanced drugs on the market not only impacts the drug industry directly, but also affects the consumers as well. It isn't always in the best interest of the consumer to want the best and newest drug on the shelf. In most cases, newer...

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