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Fueling Our Way To Danger Essay

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Biofuel is the new alternative fuel source that the public has been talking non-stop about. This fuel source is derived from sources of biomass such as animal fat, soybeans, corn, and cellulosic materials being used to convert them all into ethanol or biodiesel. The wide variety of benefits from using such fuel source promises a world of renewable and clean energy source. Compared to fossil fuel, biofuels are much cheaper, reduce carbon dioxide emissions and are less likely to run out. However, through research and statistical analyses it is not worth to invest time or spend money in making such fuels. Using biofuels as an alternative fuel source raises many negative environmental effects, ...view middle of the document...

(Anslow,2007) If dispatched in lakes and rivers, aquatic species will suffocate because waste water still contains yeast that will compete with other organisms for available oxygen.(Anslow,2007) Therefore, the inefficiency to even sustain the environment all the more does not reassure an environmentally alternative fuel source.
Since biofuels is fairly a new energy source in society, it has gain societal and economic concerns. The nitrous oxides released as emissions not only harm the atmosphere but their chemical properties are reactive with other volatile compounds. (Anslow, 2007) This leads to the creation of smog potentially leading to respiratory problems.(Anslow,2007) Furthermore, using biofuels in cars are problematic for they perform poorly in cold weather. This is because it is required to preheat the diesel for it solidifies under 4 to 5 degrees Celsius. (Anslow,2007) Even so, the trouble of preheating can damage unmodified engines and fixing them would be an additional expense.(The Economist, 2013) Another problem society faces is the competition of obtaining their grains. The mass industrialization of biofuels is troublesome for farmers for it consumes 40% of America’s harvest (The Economist, 2013) The leftover grains contain less energy than regular animal feed and farmers prefer not to change their livestock’s diet.(Anslow,2007) As a consequence, food items are priced even higher due to additional crop demands.(Huber,2009)This essentially leads to developing countries to obtain the nutrition they need for everyday life. Hence, with all the societal impacts biofuels leaves behind this proves that the alternative energy does not benefit the lifestyle of citizens.
Lastly, the technological issues of biofuels are mainly related to the cost, methods and efficiency. Algal fuels for example require their photosynthetic rate to be driven by sunlight, however there is limited space for cultivation and capital costs are problematic....

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