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"Fugitives" A Simple Short Story In Script Format.

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This is a simple story in script format due to the fact that it needed to be translated into Spanish for an oral project containing only two people.FugitivesSydney >> Hi, Alexandra, where've you been?Alex >> I felt like trying out a movie theater here.Sydney >> Well...I had another run - in with the law while you were gone. They nearly caught me.Alex >> That's not my fault.Sydney >> You are the one who arranged the stealing of the diamonds in the U.S.Alex >>We're in Honduras. How was I supposed to know they'd still come after us?Sydney >> Because this is the FBI.Alex >> Well, I say that we get to Carlos's Palace.Sydney >> I say we don't, they know that Carlos was connected...They just can't prove it. I say we keep heading South.Alex >> We're still going to stop by Mr. Donkere Zanghavik right?Sydney >> I guess so. He's your problem after all. You know you could just keep his share of the Diamonds.Alex >> I could, but the question is, do I want to? No. I don't. Mr. Zanghavik scares me.Sydney >> Can we go now, I'm a little nervous. We need to get some disguises soon.____________________________________________________________________________________________The two of them arrive at Zanghavik's villa. They walk up to the door, nervous, not sure of what to expect.Alex >> Are you going to ring the door bell or not?Sydney >> Me! Me? He's your problem, not mine, I'd just like to keep my share of the diamonds safe.____________________________________________________________________________________________Alex >> (Rings the doorbell, looks around trying to look calm, Sydney looks around nervously, no one answers the door.)Sydney >> Let's just leave the diamonds here and leave.Alex >> We can't do that!Sydney >> Oh yes we can! Otherwise, I'll leave you here all by yourself.Alex >> Ok! We'll mail Mr. Donkere Zanghavik the diamonds. But let's leave some kind of a coded note. Maybe in Pig Latin. (Alex...

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