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Fukushima Nuclear Power Accident Essay

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These days, nuclear are one of the alternative energy for human being. For the peaceful purposes, nuclear can be helpful for produce electricity as the substitutes of our natural resources nowadays. This alternative energy also might be reducing our natural resources productivity for world’s energy supply. Moreover, nuclear power usage for supplying energy demand in the world may have many advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of using nuclear power absolutely can be eco-friendly because to build nuclear power plants does not require a lot of space and it does not contribute carbon dioxide and smoke particles gases to pollute the atmosphere. Normally, nuclear power plant is reliable ...view middle of the document...

Following the big earthquake, a 15-metre tsunami disabled the power supply and cooling of three Fukushima Daiichi reactors. The earthquake led to the loss of external power at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. The subsequent tsunami flooded the plant’s back-up diesel generators, causing complete loss of power and failure of the cooling systems. Basically, the effect of this reactor explosion is radioactivity materials or radionuclides. The most distinctive feature of radioactivity is that it is extremely dangerous to the human body although it cannot be detected by the five senses (Akira, 2013). In fact, many Japanese people who live in Fukushima city have to move around twenty kilometers from the Fukushima nuclear reactors that causing effects of the radiation. The Fukushima accident is the worst nuclear accident after Chernobyl incident twenty five years ago (Ofuji, 2013).
The Fukushima nuclear power were happened accident three years ago, Japanese government has tried how to solve this problem quickly and agencies released information about the nuclear accident to reporters (Carpenter, 2012). Furthermore, Fukushima incident totally can impacts their economics and social life. The amount number of Japan Gross Domestic Products (GDP) has decrease sharply because of this incident and impacts for Japanese demands product as well during the incident (Ofuji, 2013). The nuclear disaster warns that effects of radiation on ecosystem and ocean in Japan. In Fukushima the radiation contaminated agriculture parts and dairy products such as fruits, vegetables, rice, milk, chicken, and beef that causing distress among residents and taking a huge toll on the Japanese economy (Greenpeace, 2012). On the other hand, Japanese people do not want to stuck in the rut with this incident which means they do not want to just get the information but directly take an action to help each other in Fukushima. Many people appreciate the efforts of Japanese, foreign countries and media to access reliable information about the incident. Also, all of the observers tried to figure out the main problem and restructure the reactors that might be able to reduce the radioactive effects. Japanese government also gave a warning to TEPCO (the Tokyo Electric Power Company) to calculate the nuclear impacts and...

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