Fulbright Scholarship Will Turn My Dreams Into Reality

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My heart used to leap every March after the announcement of Fulbright scholarships. Although I had not yet graduated, but just imagining me one day as a Fulbrighter made me feel so excited. The Fulbright scholarship is a golden opportunity that can turn my dreams into reality. That’s why this year I spent almost the entire year preparing for the competition, and now I am writing eagerly to apply for a Master’s degree in Anatomy through the Fulbright Scholarships, one of the most prestigious educational and cultural exchange programs offered by the US government.
My individual avidity in the medical field is rooted in my heart’s desire to help others. As my father had been injured many times and seen many others died in the battlefield as a Major in the Afghan Army, he always encouraged me to become a doctor. From primary school, I was always amazed by the fact that how a specific number of cells and tissues come together and develop organs and systems and finally the most complicated world, the perfect machine which is the human body. At the university, my interest in anatomy was amplified as an undergraduate when I was studying anatomy in the second year. Later, this interest increased during various rotations in surgery and internal medicine.
I am a well-rounded person and a suitable candidate for the Fulbright Scholarships. Not only do I excel in academics, but I have also actively participated in many aspects of my university and community.
I have just finished 19 years of education, but I feel my thirst for learning has escalated even further. I began my educational career in Pakistan. After emigrating from there, in 2007 a real milestone happened to me because I was one of 100 students (out of many thousands of applicants) who were accepted into the Kabul Medical University. At the university, besides enduring a heavy load of study in medicine, another challenge that I had to overcome was learning English. I couldn’t afford tuition and it was also necessary for me to learn English from scratch. However, after a few years, with the help of books and materials on the Internet, in November 2012 I took the TOEFL pbt and surprisingly I achieved a score of 570 on the first attempt.
Furthermore, I have been extensively involved in a variety of extracurricular activities....

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