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Full Tilt

     This is about a guy named Blake and his brother, Quinn.. Blake is an over-cautious teen. His younger brother, Quinn is the opposite. Blake was in a bus accident when he was very young and was the only survivor. Although he has no memory of how he managed to survive the event, it has drastically shaped his personality.
     One day Blake, Quinn, and their two friends Maggie and her boyfriend, Russ go to an amusement park together, called Darian Lake. They are clueless when they arrive as to how this event will change them forever. At the park, they ride on various rides. One of the rides was different from all of the others. It was the Kamikaze. It was a roller coaster, brand new to the park. As Blake got in line for the ride, his friends were right beside him. They were all excited to go on the new ride, but Blake was terrified. It reminded him of the time he was seven and his school bus got into a accident and went screaming over guardrails, almost to his death. He did not want to ride this new ride, however his friends pushed him to do it. Once on the ride, he was safely harnessed in and the ride took off, screaming down steep hills and loops. Everything was fine, until the structure started to shake and beams started to give way! There was now a twenty foot gap in the track! Blake thought it’d be the end of him and his friends, when he saw it. The coaster dove straight down into the gap, about to hit asphalt. Then the next thing Blake knew, the ride had ended. He waited in his seat, wondering what had happened. The ride had been built to give way like that. The coaster had still been on the track, when it fell through the big gap. He turned to the track and saw the beams that had fallen rising back again. It was all a stunt and everyone else had known about it except him! Blake went through the rest of the day shaken by it, until he met a girl at a game booth. He thought she was so beautiful and flirted with her for a little while. Her name was Cassandra. Then he won a prize from her booth, a stuffed bear. Inside the bear’s pocket, was an invite to another amusement park. He showed his friends, then looked back for the girl who’d given him the bear. She was gone and a new person was standing in her place, in control of the game. The new person didn’t know what Blake was talking about, when he asked the man about the girl who’d been there. It freaked Blake out a little bit, that she could just disappear like that.
     Later that night when Blake and his brother, Quinn got home, they were greeted by an unexpected guest. It was their mom’s newest boyfriend. He stood beside their mom. Him and Blake’s mom wanted to announce something together. Quinn and Blake didn’t trust this guy and were most appalled to find out that the announcement was their mom and her boyfriend, Russ’s engagement. Quinn and Blake talked about it a little later, but only got...

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