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Fully Marketing Report.

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Executive SummaryNow Malaysia BaoLiLai Company is in the process of diversifying. As the business development manager, I have done much marketing research for several months, I suggest our company will be engage in skin care industry, we will research and manufacture two kind of moisture creams to target high end and low end market. Why choice these? What positions our products should occupy? I can analyze from these aspects.In recent years, skin care industry develops stability; sales of skin care products are expected to be stable over the next few years. There are many manufacturers in skin care industry. Most of them are international company, including Estee Lauder, Christan Dior, L'Oreal etc; they occupy 90 percent of market share. Follow Me and Ginvera are belong to local company. Skin care products are available at different kind of stores. In skin care industry, competition is fierce, and each of competitors adopts different strategy to earn more profit in market. From marketing investigation, I find moisture cream is in great demand for consumers, so our company can produce moisture cream to target consumer market.There are many brands of moisture cream in consumer market. Most of consumers evaluate moisture cream from two criteria: the degree of protecting moisturizing and nourishing. In existing products, Christan Dior moisture cream is high nourishing and high moisturizing. It is positioned on best quality and high price. POND'S is low nourishing and high moisturizing; it is positioned on middle quality and middle price. L'Oreal is high nourishing and low moisturizing; it is positioned on the best value for money. Follow Me moisturizing cream is relative low nourishing and low moisturizing, it is positioned on low price and low class.Gender and income segmentation has long been applied in skin care industry. From consumer income level, the total market can be divided into high-end market, middle-end market and low-end market.I suggest our company will research and manufacture 'Ister' moisture cream to target high-end market. Because nowadays more and more women become high-income class, they spend a lot of money on taking good care of their skin care. They always stay at air-conditioned room, premium moisture cream has a great demand. From market investigation, Estee Lauder moisture cream occupied the largest market share in high-end market, although its quality is not the best one. Estee Lauder is positioned on superior quality and high price. I suggest 'Ister' moisture cream can be positioned on higher quality and lower price than Estee Lauder.We can create Ister moisture cream image from produce itself. We use an exclusive ingredient that can highly protect moisturizing and nourish in Ister moisture cream. We can design a unique and elegant packaging for it. Meanwhile, our company performs relative low price. We try to convince consumers that Ister moisture cream is a good enough product at an acceptable price. Our company is a...

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