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Fully Incorporating Mexico As The Fifty First State Of The Union

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I have found that media outlets often separate the problem of illegal immigrants coming undocumented into our country to work from rampant drug cartels racing across our southern border, when in fact the two should be lumped together and the problem should be titled: Mexico. Our unruly neighbor Mexico has been given every opportunity to clean up its lawlessness and has failed to do so, if anything the Mexican government is aiding and abetting their citizens in their illegal journey across our border, and not taking their drug problem seriously. Great cheerleading efforts have been made from the United States, as well as a $1.4 billion, multiyear aide package called the Merida Initiative to help fund Mexico’s drug war. Being the largest recipient of American welfare in the western hemisphere and the seventh largest in the world, Mexico receives more than five hundred million dollars from America each year in aid and has yet to better itself to a level that the rest of the world finds acceptable. While not every undocumented worker is from Mexico, “Mexicans make up the majority at 58% and 5% of the United States workforce” (Preston). Nobody can deny that these workers are pivotal to the success of our economy the complaint lies in the lack of funding we have to continue to support them. The majority of Americans consider undocumented workers to be a pressing problem, “more than two-thirds of voters, 69 percent, consider immigration to be an important public policy issue” (National). It is time for America to concede that conventional wisdom and solutions about these issues has failed; building walls results in oppositional efforts building tunnels, creating new laws and resolutions and they will continue to go unheard. We need a solution. As our country looms on a meltdown in a matter of weeks if our congress and president cannot agree to raise the national debt ceiling; it is time to admit that our country needs to cut expenses, supporting illegal immigrants being one of them. I believe I have found an unconventional answer that may surprise you. In an attempt to save our country we should fully incorporate our neighboring country Mexico as our fifty-first state to solve the ongoing predicament of undocumented workers and drug trafficking, by doing so we hold the opportunity to recover lost capital for local, state and national governments and offer a helping hand to a people in crisis. As opposed to making an unincorporated territory like Puerto Rico we need to create an incorporated state out of Mexico, much like Alaska, giving the people the same Constitutional rights that we possess.
America is made of immigrants, with the exception of Native Americans all of us has immigrant lineage. Legal immigrants replenish America with invigorating ideas, add to our culture and are pivotal to maintaining global dominance. I believe illegal immigrants are also full of fresh ideas and entrepreneurial spirit, however they are limiting...

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