Fumes Over Balad Essay

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Fumes Over Balad
War produces debt, death, and destruction. George Walker Bush declared the War on Terrorism only nine years ago, which resulted in the deployment of U.S. Forces to the Middle East. This never-ending war points toward inevitable grimace with debt, death, and destruction statistical data doubling at an astounding rate. Unemployment and foreclosures continue to skyrocket on the domestic front; however, the U.S. Government forges ahead with taxpayer dollars to the War in Iraq. “About 900 billion of U.S. taxpayer funds were spent or approved for spending through October 2010” (White). The number of casualties rose to 4,500 since the 2003 Iraqi invasion. Insurmountable casualties constitute the greatest expense of war. Alongside the insufferable harm of innocent bystanders stems the irreversible environmental damages to the Earth. “According to Hans Blix, the U.N. Chief Weapons Inspector, environmental impacts of the war could be more ominous than the issue of peace and war itself” (Pianin 2003). Oil pollution, depleted uranium, and the burning of hazardous waste towers the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. The U.S. furthers its' endless assault on Iraq, despite the insurmountable economical, social, and governmental stressors that remain unabated. The U.S. should withdraw its' military presence from the Middle East.
The U.S. government insists on spending 5,000 USD per second in the Middle East, despite staggering unemployment rates, rampant foreclosures, skyrocketing commodities, and questionable monetary policies that may potentially lead to higher inflation within the unsecured borders that separate the U.S. from Mexico and Canada. The national unemployment rate climbed to 9.6 percent in recent months, which drastically affects the average homeowner's ability to maintain mortgage payments. Focusing on war tactics rather than domestic issues may potentially lead to civil unrest. “The economy lost 95,000 jobs in September – 77,000 of which were temporary census positions, while the unemployment rate held at 9.6%” (Rosnick). A currently faltering economy would likely meet its demise under taxation for the war. The War in Iraq produces higher oil prices that trickles down to the consumer. James Williams of WTRG Economics notes, “The beginning of the Iraq conflict coincided with a deep cut in production in Venezuela, a big oil exporter.” Williams further expounds by stating, “Crude oil prices were about $25 a barrel five years ago, compared with more than $100 now” (Kirchoff). Government bailouts for “Too Big To Fail” corporations and banking institutions, coupled with the massive squandering of our current funds overseas, serves as a catalyst for the raging average American consumer that protests higher taxation in times of dire economic distress. Average Americans can barely afford to provide food for their families, much less financially support irresponsible bureaucrats.
Money does not outweigh the...

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