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Fun Filled Weekend Essay

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As I yell, "Slow down! Slow down!" I realized that my good friend Ben is about to see his life flash before his eyes. He is in fourth gear on his four-wheeler, running approximately forty-five miles per hour as he declines down a hill toward a massive mud hole at the bottom. Knowing what is about to happen, I wave my arms in a downward motion in an attempt for him to slow down. Because of his speed he had no choice but to just go for it. He hit the bottom of the hill and about three feet from the bottom is where the mud hole began. He hit the mud and traveled about four feet before flipping the ATV and flying over the handle bars, with no grace whatsoever, looking like a turtle flying through the air because of the backpack he was wearing and the mud filled helmet. Immediately I rushed to his aid, but once I heard his contagious laugh I knew all was well. I started my way back to my ATV so I could pull his out. This was a great start to a fun-filled weekend. Although we dreaded every day that had to pass before we left, we were ecstatic on our departure day.

Three weeks before the trip, I turned sixteen and received my driver’s license. My friend Ben and I had been planning a trip since we were little boys, one we could get away from the house, ride off-road and just have fun. We knew that there were two places we could go. A place in South Georgia called Durham Town or a place called Hatfield McCoy trails in West Virginia. We chose Durham Town because it was closer to us and they had their mud bogs at night.
We spent a solid week preparing for this weekend trip and making sure Durham Town was the place for us to go. If there was any preparation that could be done for a trip we made sure it happened. Weeks before this we made a two page, typed check list of the things we would need. It included items from clothes to firewood and anything that had to do with our ATV's. Throughout the week before, we prepped and fixed our four-wheelers so they could be in perfect shape for our ride. We had been looking forward to this trip for many years; our planning had to be exceptional. Our plan was to wake up Friday morning around six o'clock to load everything up on the truck and the ATVs on the trailer, drive down on that Friday morning, spend Friday and Saturday night, then leave Sunday whenever we woke up. We hardly slept Thursday night; we would wake up then realize we needed to add something to the check list. Loading the truck went smoother than expected, we then just sat in the truck for about ten minutes checking and rechecking to make sure we had everything. The only stop we made on the way was to get a biscuit.
Pulling into the gates we hear the deep roar of off-road jeeps, loud sharp sounds of dirt bikes leaping through the air and quads revving their engines before lining up for the first race of the day. We soon realized we were in heaven and knew it was going to be one of the best weekends of our life. We drove to our camping spot and...

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