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Fun In The Sun Essay

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As I stepped out of my house that day, I was more than ready for a luxurious vacation. Nothing could stand between me, and my four week break of rest, relaxation, and renewal. Of all of the places in the world I could go for my rejuvenation pilgrimage, the only place I wanted to go was the French Riviera. Nothing but white beaches, elegant homes, crystal blue water, and receiving the most lavish services in the universe, who wouldn?t want all that for four weeks straight? I stepped into my car, made a mental checklist of all my luggage, and took a deep breath in as I started out on my journey.After hours of sitting in stand still traffic, I finally arrived at the airport. While walking into the font doors, a little man jumped in front of me, like a frog out of water. He was small and springy, with little tufts of red hair sprouting from a ring of shiny skin upon his head. When he smile it was a friendly smile with crooked teeth, but at the same time eerie and imposing. He reminded me of a baby, curious and innocent, and also round and shiny. "Have you heard the word of God today?" he asked me. I gave him an awkward smile, and said no thank you and walked on. As I kept walking, I could hear the religious spokesman chanting phrases about the kingdom of heaven is upon us, and what will God think of each and every one of us, but slowly the noises of the bustling airport drowned out his orations.Once I had finally reached the ticket counter, passed through the never-ending security line, and found my gate, I still had 45 minutes until my flight took off. I spotted a Starbuck?s right next to my gate, and decided that?s exactly where I needed to spend my time before my trip. I took a spot in line behind a tall gentlemen, chatting away on his cell phone. He was large, with a lean, toned figured, dark hair and features, and was dressed from what I could tell in a fine Italian suit. Even his briefcase, call phone, and millions of other little gadgets seemed to be of the highest of quality. From listening in on his telephone call, secretly behind him waiting for my Chai Tea Latte, I learned that he was also going to the French Riviera, but where as my excursion is for pleasure, I could obviously tell his was for some sort of business. After he received his grande Double-Shot, No Whip, Non-Fat, Extra-Hot Mocha, never stopping to take a breath in his conversation, he power walked right out of the store. He nearly ran over a young boy, asking him if he wanted his shoes shined.The boy looked about 18 years old, dark brown skin, with a clean cut head of hair. He looked scraggly, as if he had not eaten properly in some time, but still had an air of pride in his appearance. When the Business Man nearly steam rolled over him, he just sincerely apologized for being so careless, and asked the man if he had enough time would he like his shoes to be shined. Obviously, the Business Man did not feel a show shine was an adequate way of spending the next 45 minutes before...

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882 words - 4 pages The Raisin in the Sun is a movie about a colored family who is trying to make it. There are five family members who all live in the same small two bedroom apartment. They all know that things are about to change because they know that Mama Younger is about to get a 10,000 check from where her husband had passed away recently. Each family member have their own dreams about what they want to do with the money, but they just don’t want to ask Mama

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648 words - 3 pages A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry is a dramatic play written in 1959. The play is about an African American family that lives in the Chicago South Side in the 1950’s. Hansberry shows the struggles and difficulties that the family encounters due to discrimination. Inspired by her personal experience with discrimination, she uses the characters of the play, A Raisin In The Sun, to show how this issue affects families. Hansberry

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1899 words - 8 pages A Raisin in the Sun Creativity of Hansberry played a crucial role in the development of African-American drama since the Second World War. A Raisin in the Sun was the first play by African-American author which was set on Broadway and was honored by the circle of New York theater critics. Drama of A Raisin in the Sun (1959) brought Hansberry to the Award Society of New York Critics as the best play of the year. A Raisin in the Sun shows the

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1331 words - 6 pages going to the same school or using the same bathroom had been rather impossible. Chief Justice Earl Warren desegregated schools in May of 1954. Throughout the play A Raisin in the Sun, Lorraine Hansberry blisters the discriminatory conditions of America in the 1950s and early 60s. The play is set in an incommodious apartment in poverty stricken Chicago. Lorraine Hansberry shows that in addition to the issues of race and gender, the Youngers

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1215 words - 5 pages For my second analyses of a script, we were to read A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry. I read a printed edition that I had ordered off of Amazon, which was the 2004 edition created by Vintage. The title of this play write is significant because of the poem Harlem, it is relating to Walter Younger’s dream for his family. He wants to give them a better life, but all of his strategies to get rich instantaneously but they “dry up” the same

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781 words - 3 pages A Raisin In The Sun To many, the primary purpose of life is to live the dreams. Dreams are the key to joys and sorrows of life. Walter realized his dream of becoming a business owner could not be succeeded. After losing hope, Walter could not control his rage and releases it on Mama, "So you butchered up a dream of mine - you - who always talk 'bout your children's dreams… (p. 80)" A few weeks later, Mama gave the remaining insurance

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1157 words - 5 pages The movie “A Raisin in the Sun” is undoubtedly a cinema classic and a work of art worthy of unhindered praise. Not only is it a masterpiece for its entertainment purposes, but the movie’s ability to draw attention to the socio economic disadvantage the many black families faced at the time. Both the historical context of these afflictions and the discriminatory practices are demonstrated throughout the film. “A Raisin in the Sun” vividly

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1114 words - 5 pages In history, theatre has always been the outlet through which people expressed themselves. “A Raisin in the Sun” by Lorraine Hansberry, which was originally named the “The Crystal Stair,” is a perfect example of such actions. She was influenced and used the experiences from her own life and other African Americans at the time to elevate her works. Hansberry in “Raisin in the Sun” expresses to others how she feels the society around her appears

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