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Fun Or Frustrating Essay

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According to Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment most video games have different difficulties so if you’re good you don’t get bored, but if it’s too hard you’ll get frustrated. They give you different difficulties so you will continue to play the game no matter how good you are. Although some games start out easy and get hard as you get closer to the end of the game, but they could also jump back and forth from easy to hard and back to easy again. Most of the time they try make the game fun for anyone who plays it so not matter how bad you are it will still be a fun game. In games where your person levels up the difficulty also goes up so the game doesn’t get to easy. If it gets to easy many people will not play it because they would get bored, and nobody likes boring games.
When the difficulty goes up, depending on the game, there are about seven things that increase. They are the speed of your enemies, the health of enemies, how many enemies there are, the frequencies of which they get power ups if there are power ups in the game, the power of your player, the power of the enemies, and the duration of each level will get longer. There is also a challenge factors. The challenge factors are another thing that makes the game harder. If there wasn’t a challenge the game would be almost pointless to play. There are approximately five challenge factors. They can be the rate of successful shots or hit the enemies get, the number of pieces they win or lose, how many life points they start with, how many kills its take your player to evolve, or it could be the time it will take for you to complete a task in order to beat the game.
Robin Hunicke and Chapman try to make challenges on games easier or harder depending on how well you can play the game. For example the game is too hard your player may get more weapons, recover life points faster, or they may just have fewer enemies. It all depends on how the creator of the game decides to make it. More recently they make games so the difficulty goes by how good you are, and it makes it so it’s not too hard but it is not too easy. Some games only take two things which are competence and performance. You also need to learn the game as well as possible, but also act as well as necessary in the game. Playing games online is hard then playing them offline because if the game is too hard offline you can change the difficulty level to an easier one, but online no matter how hard it is you cannot switch it because you are playing a game agents real people. According to Ritual Entertainment player with widely different levels of ability could finish the game within a small range of time from each other. The PlayStation 2 game God Hand developed by clover studio and published by...

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