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Function Of Communication Essay

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1. Introduction
“Each of us has our own sets of needs that motivate our communication and our responses to messages. While not everyone’s priorities are identical, our needs resemble one another’s.’’
Maslow wanted to understand what inspires people. Maslow believed that people carry a set of motivation systems that are unrelated to rewards or to the unconscious desires.
Maslows hierarchy of needs includes five motivational needs, that are often interpreted as the hierarchical levels that are within a pyramid.
The five stage model can be divided into basic needs and growth needs. Basic needs include physiological, safety, love and esteem. And growth needs include self-actualization.
The basic needs motivate people when they are not yet met. One must satisfy the lower needs in order to be able to satisfy the higher level needs. Once all these needs are satisfied, then may the individual be able to reach the highest level which is self- actualization. Example: if you are missing essentials like food or water, you do not concern yourself with needs like making friends, which is two levels above. Also you are not going to want to be creative when you are facing a medical emergency.
2. The level of the needs is as follows
a) Biological and physiological needs such as air, food, water, shelter, sleep.
b) Safety needs such as protection from the elements, security, and freedom from fear.
c) Social needs such as the feeling of belonging, affection and love- from work, family, friends, and romantic relationships
d) Esteem needs such as achievement, independence, status, reputation, self- respect, and the respect of others.
e) Self- actualization needs include realizing your own personal potential, self- fulfillment and seeking personal growth.

3. diagram

4. Examples
a) Physiological needs
Physiological needs are the physical necessities that are required for human survival. If these requirements are not met, the human body cannot function properly and will eventually fail. Physiological needs are thought to be the most important as they should be met first.
Air, water, and food are metabolic requirements that are needed in order for an individual to survive. Clothing and shelter provide crucial protection from the elements. While maintaining satisfactory birth rates shapes the intensity of the human sexual instinct, sexual competition may also shape this said instinct. Example someone going home where it is warm, there’s food and water. And the individual does not worry about it because that needs are met. They know that when they get home they can satisfy that need. Homeless individuals are often not in a safe environment. Their first priority will therefore be food and water, and they seek shelter wherever they can, even if they are not safe.
b) Safety needs
With the individuals physical needs relatively satisfied, the individual's safety needs take preference. In the absence of physical safety which could be due to war, natural disasters,...

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