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Purpose Of Learning Essay

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This course was intended to help students address the question “what is the purpose of education?” As the course progressed students were asked to consider how this applied to their professional experience. Since everyone brings a variance of skills, experiences, and backgrounds, this objective will obviously look different for each student. This paper will focus on how the purpose of education looks in construction specifically dealing with heavy equipment operations. This paper will address not only the purpose of education but also the nature of learning, models of instruction, as well as the applicability of online learning to this profession.
The Purpose of Education
Education in general can be characterized as a growth in human knowledge, skills, or attitudes (Knowles, Holton & Swanson, 2011). Essentially education is the activity that people use to expand upon their own personal knowledge, skills, or attitudes (Knowles, Holton & Swanson, 2011). Education is more about the system in place to help make the change, or in other words, education is the agent who helps make the change, the teacher or educator (Knowles, Holton & Swanson, 2011). It is imperative that educators understand the importance they play in the role of education. There are three main things that educators must keep in mind: self-reflection, student characteristics, and nature of the content (CSU-Global, 2013).
Although construction is considered to be a field with a wide variety of individuals whom are usually not well-educated and many whom have had trouble with the law, educating these people is still a vital process to the industry and to companies alike. The heavy equipment business is one in which education is ongoing and a necessity to ensure profitability and safety for all stakeholders in the company. People who operate or are learning to operate heavy equipment must be put through training classes to provide them the knowledge that they need to be safe and to maintain the safety of those around the job site. Over the course of a year they will also learn the skills needed to be productive members of the company and industry. The educational experiences that they will learn will come from a variety of teaching styles from classroom instruction to on the job training and through negative and positive reinforcements from management.
To summarize, the purpose of education in the construction field is to teach adults how to operate a piece of machinery in a safe and productive manner. The learners are from a varied background and some may require that the individual facilitating the learning expend greater effort than others. Some people will learn more efficiently by actually operating, getting a feel for the machine and actually performing the task themselves. Others may need to watch someone else perform the work, manually laboring around the site while they observe another person operate. Either way, the ultimate goal or purpose for educating...

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