Functional Areas Of M&S And Kfh

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I will talk about functional areas of M&S and KFH. through Comparison and contrast of how they contribute and operate their functions, as will as the structures, also my task is, to evaluate the benefit and disadvantages of their functions, finally, try to explain my opinion about how well the two companies run there business.

In 1884-1907 Michael Marks formed a partnership with Tom Spencer,in 1908-1931 The St Michael trademark was registered, in 1956-1979 The first stores in Continental Europe opened in Paris and Brussels, in 1980-2001 launched the first website

M&S are one of the UK's leading retailers of clothes, food, home products and financial services. Some 10 million people shop with us each week in over 375 stores. In addition M&S have 155 stores managed under franchise in 28 territories mostly in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Far East, stores in the Republic of Ireland, nine wholly owned stores in Hong Kong and M&S own the US supermarket group, Kings Super Markets. The main objectives of marks and Spencer's are as follows:

Profit maximization
Increase sales
Market leadership
Offering high quality service
Reward shareholders

Mark and Spencer International retail and franchise businesses have operated 125 franchise stores in 26 countries. The turnover in Europe was increased this year 2000 2001compared to last year 1999/2000. The turn over in North America (exc. Canada) has also increased compared to last year. In the Far East sales had also increased by approximately 4% to 110.1 million compared from last 105.9 million. So marks and Spencer business internationally is very successful compared to its UK retail business. The way the business can maximize profits is buy satisfying customers by making more products or services available like selling financial services life assurance, personal insurance and ms insurance this are a few services Mark and Spencer offer customers

Marketing and Sales
Human Resources
Design and Production ( operation )
Research & Development ( information )
International branches department

The most prevalent organizational structure is the basic functional structure. This is the standard pyramid with top management at the top of the chart and middle and lower management spreading out down the pyramid. The organization is usually broken down into different functional units, such as "HRM, accounting, and Marketing." M&S Structure takes account of the two factors the management hierarchy and the span of control. The organizational structure of Marks and Spencer is very important. M&S Structure have a clear and effective structure which enable them to meet their objectives for example increasing sales. The organizational structure for Marks and Spencer is tall; this business has 303 branches in the U.K. The company also has 125 franchise stores in 26 countries. Marks and Spencer also has a tall hierarchy, the...

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