Functional Paradigm And You Tube Essay

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YouTube plays a very multi source-full part as a cyberspace activity. It is a video conveying website. Anyone can visit the website; you can upload videos, watch them, even share them on this same website as your own, or share a link with other people on other cyber sites. Millions of videos get recorded, uploaded and shared everyday even as you are reading this; a wide number of people are paying their daily visit to this simple yet satisfying cyber site. It is very simple to operate, as opposed to why it has so many viewers every day, and the numbers of viewers keep increasing. It is always up to date and something new is always trending on the main page. It is like a visual aid, there are videos available from homework help, cooking, traveling and even fashion sense. It is basically a lively version of google.
This cyber site has helped improve lives and plays as a few checks out of a checkbook for some of the popular You Tubers. You Tubers are known as those who make videos and post them as a routine. Some of them become popular depending on what the video consist of and how many views the video gets, some even go viral. Those that are favorite by many and have plenty subscribers tend to get paid for their videos as a real job, and from here different popular video artist start to collaborate together for the enjoyment of their viewers and expanding to a broader audience, so more people can connect.
What you don’t get to see on TV while it is playing live, you can watch here. Say if it is the first time a person wants to try something, they can go to You Tube, where there will be plenty of videos of others already posting up their experiences, so from there two people can connect. Groups of people share their ideas in these videos. Some even use this cyber site as a reference for help. Many videos are put up and encourage the viewers to rate comment, and subscribe and give feedback so that they can improve and make better videos, so that more people watch and share the video, to were then the video starts to pop up on other sites.
Although it is a free response, free choice site, it is still being monitored by google and overall being watched by the government. “Man is only free when a superior force compels his recognition, provided, however, that he accepts this superiority and that his submission is not won by lies and artifice. He is free if he is held in check” (Delaney p.66) So there is no stopping the videos people put up, but if it seems disturbing or harsh full there is possibility it can be taken off the web site. This site helps people learn in a more fun dynamic. It’s a place where society can share their thoughts, in any form, but behind the scenes. There are always pros and cons to everything, this being said YouTube can play the good and bad guy depending on how society uses it. Many news channels have their own channel set up under YouTube with their day to day news updates for their subscribers. There is a lot of politics...

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