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Functions Of A Family Essay

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Functions of a Family
Family is the name that has been designated a social organization as old as humanity itself and simultaneously with the historical evolution, has undergone changes that have allowed it to adapt to the needs of each society and every age (Cantor, 337-346). The family has many functions which bind the society together. These functions set the rules and boundaries within which families work for the members.

Throughout history the family has formed integrated society, responding to the needs of people. Therefore, in all societies and periods of history there has been a family. We can understand the family as a group of people who are united by ...view middle of the document...

Educator and Socializing Function
It refers both to the transmission of knowledge, values, norms, customs, traditions, and to the formation of habits and attitudes that parents teach their children. Parents serve as models for imitation of their children. Play an important role here the examples given and the actions taken. The children even mimic the way you talk, walk, etc., so that parents observing these behaviors expressed: "this if my son," "this looks like me" etc..
It should not be forgotten that the family forms the child's basic personality, and together with the family members he learns to share roles (Bengtson, 1-16). The socializing function of the family cannot be reduced to the thinking and education, even if it is in its primary and irreplaceable form of expression. The families either alone or in association, can or should devote themselves to manifold social service, especially for the poor and all those people and situations that fail to reach the organization of security and welfare of the public authorities.

Economic Role
The family, through history, has played an important role in the economy of society. In a primitive economy, the family is a real production unit. In modern times the work was divided, so that some families produce, distribute and certainly other all consuming. The family members receive a salary or a salary for their work providing a rent for the use of natural resources, an interest in the use of capital and a profit for their entrepreneurship (Rosser and Christopher, n.d). These revenues allow the family to purchase "your family budget." Rarely isolated individuals can work without family or social support achievement, a greater or a lesser degree. And work for the family is the element that sustains socioeconomic organization.

Safety Feature
It refers to the concern that the family has prudential integrity and welfare of its members. These security functions include (Padilla-Walker, 604-627):
Physical security involves safeguarding and defending the body and health of its members to the risk of physical assault, illness, accident, etc.
Moral Security: is to defend the moral values of the family, prevent its members not to join bad friends (bad joints) and avoid falling into laziness, slavery, exploitation, alcoholism, drug addiction, prostitution, etc.
Emotional security: is to give enough affection or human warmth to family members; correct mistakes and give wise and timely advice, encourage them to distress, failure or defeat; encourage them hope and desire for self-realization.

Recreational Function
The family is versatile in its functions it fulfils tasks serious and full of tension, as when he has to break the boredom, fatigue and while physically and psychologically prepare its members to start the new day every day. This function is fulfilled through gestures, voices, mimic, causing graphics joys, fun, entertainment (Bengtson, 1-16)....

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