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Functions Of A Wide Area Network

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A Wide Area Network is geographically dispersed telecommunication network. The term distinguishes a broader telecommunication structure from a local area network. Wide area network may be privately owned or rented, but the term usually connotes the inclusion of public network. An intermediate form of network in terms of geography is a metropolitan area network. WAN is communication network that are regional or worldwide in geographic area, with a minimum distance typical of that between major metropolitan area. Smaller network include metropolitan and local area network. A communication network provide common transmission, and switching functions that enable user to transport data between many source and many destination. Under ideal circumstances, the data that arrive at the destination are identical to the data that were sent. The rate of arrival of the bits at any point in the network is said to be the data rate at that point and it is typically measured in bits per second. These bits may come from one source or from a multiple of source. The capacity of a network to transmit at a certain data rate is known as its bandwidth.

Figure 1 : The MESH connectivity of a WAN.

A typical network is shown in the figure above. WAN are commonly use the MESH connectivity network. The characteristic of the transmission facility lead to an emphasis on efficiency of communication technique in the design of WANs. Controlling the volume of traffic and avoiding excessive delay is important. Since the topology of WANs are likely to be more complex than those of LANs, routing algorithm also receive more emphasis. Many WANs also implement sophisticated monitoring procedure to account for which user consume the network resource. This is, in some cases, used to generate billing information to charge individual user.

Figure 2 : Show the connection of WAN from one country to other countries

Technology’s Applications

Where are WAN used ?
WAN are use to connect Local Area network together. Hence, they are facilitate exchange of data over wide geographical area. They are also implemented by utilising packet switching or circuit switching method. Service provider use protocols to offer link that are used in WANs.

How is WAN works ?
WAN are either point-to-point, involving a direct connection between two site or operate across packet-switched network, in which data is transmitted in packets over shared circuit. Point to point WAN service may involve either analog dial-up lines, in which a modem is use to connect the computer to the telephone line, or dedicate leased digital telephone lines, also known as private line. Analog line, which may be either part of a public switched telephone network or leased line, are suitable for batch data transmission, such as non urgent order entry and point of sale transaction. Dedicated digital phone line permit uninterrupted, secure data transmission at fixed cost.
Point to point WAN service providers...

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