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Job Descriptions (JDs) are one of the most basic formal documents any organization must posses. They are, in the most basic form, ?a written description of a job and the types of duties it includes? (Bohlander, Snell 101). Typically, they consist of four main parts, the job title, the job statement, job responsibilities, and job qualifications. This information can provide a wealth of knowledge for use by anyone, at any level in an organization. Specifically JDs define job tasks, provide recruiting information, set legal requirements, and aid in performance appraisal.Every job description must first identify a specific job. Typically, this information includes a job title, along with a specific department within the organization, and the reporting manager. This information is important because it helps define organizational structure. The employee must know what their job is, who to report to, and where their position is located in the hierarchy of the organization. This section can also define salary requirements, such as maximums or minimums, hourly rates, schedule to be worked, etc.The next section will issue a statement or summarize ?the primary reason for and function of the job? (Microsoft Online Office 2). Here, the jobs major responsibilities such as where the job is to be performed, what are the main duties to be performed, and when should these duties be performed are typically described in a single paragraph. This description ?should describe the job without detailed task descriptions? (Microsoft Online Office 2). This statement should be nothing more than an overview that will assist the employee in defining the complexity of the job.This information is used for recruitment when advertising for applicants. The recruiter uses this information as a basis for where to advertise. Getting the right people to respond to an advertisement is extremely important and on the other end, job candidates will appreciate a concise summary when selecting a job to apply for. Little or no ambiguity from the beginning stages of the hiring process will help with the ease of both the recruiter and the applicant come to any decisions necessary.The third section of a job description will list the responsibilities of the job in detailed statements. These statements ?are typically arranged in order of importance? (Bohlander, Snell 103). ?These statements should indicate the weight, or value, of each duty? (Bohlander, Snell 103). ?The weight of a duty can be gauged by the percentage of time devoted to it. The statements should stress the responsibilities all the duties entail and the results they are to accomplish. It is also general practice to indicate the tools and equipment used by the employee in performing the job? (Bohlander, Snell 103). This information provides the employee and his/her coworkers exact expectations that will contribute to the success or failure of the work to be accomplished.Performance appraisals are one of the ways in which managers...

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