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Functions Of Management Mgt 330 Management: Theory, Practice, Application May 14, 2005

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Functions of ManagementFunctions of Management include planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. This paper will review the four functions of management as well as address how each of these four functions relates to my personal employer, Lacey. I currently hold a management role at Lacey and have firsthand knowledge of how each of these functions of management to make the organization successful.Planning is the first step of successful management and must precede the remaining functions of management. Planning is identifying organizational goals and the ongoing process to achieve those goals. Reviewing current conditions, evaluating the competitive market, anticipating future changes, ...view middle of the document...

Lacey has a strong need for organization. Working exclusively in the healthcare market, the ability to be flexible and adapt to change is demanded. Lacey's leadership provides the necessary direction for staff to achieve personal success leading to organizational success. As the healthcare market changes, so will the products, pricing structures, and services offered by Lacey. Over the years, Lacey's core business, retained physician search, has evolved from single retained searches for hospitals and other healthcare groups, into an outsourced model. The outsourced model is for large client organizations that have significant physician needs. A search consultant is hired specifically to conduct searches on behalf of that client organization. The client specific search consultant works onsite at the client organization becoming an extension of the client. This type of partnership has allowed Lacey to offer a service none of their competitors can match. Lacey's internal training programs, candidate acquisition activities, proprietary database, information technology, and marketing allow Lacey to rise above their competition to gain market share. Without proper organization, Lacey's position as a market leader would fall.Leading is the third function of management. Motivating staff to produce at their highest potential to outperform competitors is necessary. Leading also includes communication, providing direction, and inspiring staff. It consists of leading both individually and in groups, teams, departments, and divisions. Inspiring individuals to "think outside the box," and problem solve are essential. Staff working closest to a situation can frequently have creative ways to accomplish a task or find innovative ways to solve problems. Empowering staff to have the ability to handle all situations is an important part of leading.At Lacey, leadership has set specific goals across the organization that touches every department. Each staff member has some responsibility in client satisfaction. For example, the accounting team prepares invoices and record payments, marketing promotes the corporate image to build brand and be a market leader; candidate acquisition provides support for search-specific marketing activities such as internet and journal advertising, direct mail, broadcast faxes, broadcast emails, and database...

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