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IntroductionAccording to the Community Cultural Development Center Publics can be defined as "A group of people who share common interests or concerns" (Community Cultural Development [CCD], 2006). The investigation for meaning of the term public led to a plethora of descriptions all relative to the defining agency. "In public relations, more specifically, a public is a group of people with a stake in an issue, organization, or idea" (Seitel, 2004, p. 9).Definition of Internal PublicBy digesting the previous definition of public and incorporating internal into the equation, one would gather that the definition of internal public to be; a group of people within an institution or community that share a common interest or idea. This is PR: The Realities of Public Relations; defines internal publics as "persons who share the institutional identity of the organization, including employees, management and many types of supporters, such as investors" (Newsom, Turk, & Kruckeberg, 2004, p. 394). By both these definitions it is safe to assume that internal deals with the individuals involved inside of a particular group or organization or the creators so to speak as opposed to the individuals that are on the other side or outside on the receiving end of what is created.Definition of External PublicsBy the same processes in formulating the definition for internal publics, external publics can be derived as; the rest of the people or individuals not included in the internal public or individuals outside the corporation that also share a common interest or idea. This is PR defines external publics as people that "exist outside an organization and are not directly or officially a part of the organization, although they do have a relationship with it" (Newsom et al., 2004, p. 391).InternalThe function of communicating with managers and all other employees within a firm is an important example of managing the internal public, this is also known as employee relations. Understanding organizational culture is essential to understanding a particular organizations values, belief and principles under which they operate. A great manager studies the culture and develops an appropriate style of communication between each individual that make up the organization. Public relations function in the dynamics of the employee relations field is communicating a favorable image and message throughout the company. Public Relations personnel work closely with Human Resources personnel; PR plays a major role in diffusing internal conflicts, creating programs and ideas to boost company morale and damage control when tragedies arise. PR helps to manage internal relationships and interpret the external events of the business to the internal environment of the organization. All these efforts help create balance within the organization's community; that is why employee relations are internal functions of Public Relations.Employee relations are based heavily on communication, as is...

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Functions of Public Relations Essay

682 words - 3 pages practiced methods resembling contemporary public relations over 5,000 years ago. It is possible that public relations was practiced thousands of years ago, however public relations has only been an occupation for approximately 100 years. Public relations as we know it today evolves and changes year to year with new techniques and technology. There are many different functions of public relations, weather they are organizational functions, such as

Functions of Public Relations Essay

692 words - 3 pages The purpose of this paper is to exam the organizational and societal functions of PR for Wal-Mart and identify an issue that has implications on both areas and explain how it could be better addressed. Theoretically, there are two ways to describe an organization. One is in terms of its organization functions such as media relations, and employee relations or community relations. The other is a societal theoretical approach for the organization

Functions of Public Relations Paper

807 words - 3 pages communicationsInvestor relationsMedia relationsProduct/Service publicity (announcements/promotional)ResearchMany others including photographic services (Haynes, 2003)These functions of Public Relations interact and inform the public in several ways as a planned and sustained program conducted by an organization's management to:Maintain two-way communications between an organization and its publics.Monitor awareness, opinions, attitudes, and behaviors inside

Functions of Public Relations Paper

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887 words - 4 pages The words Public Relations, conjures up some different feelings and conjectures, thus giving light to different meanings. I felt it best then, to just go to the dictionary and ask it. Per Webster’s online meaning: Public Relations is: the business of inducing the public to have understanding for and goodwill toward a person, firm, or institution; also: the degree of understanding and goodwill achieved. Okay, that’s what the dictionary

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753 words - 3 pages The field of Public Relations is comprised of many different functions. In the following essay, I will envelop the definition of Public Relations based on my own interpretation of the assigned reading, as well as other outside resources. I will compare and contrast published definitions of what public relations is and attempt to explain the definition of Public Relations. Clinton (2004) defines public relations as a term used to encompass the

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1418 words - 6 pages Q1. Grunig and Repper (1992) proposed a model of strategic management of public relations. Sung (2004) commented that the model emphasizes Public relations has a significant role in the process of an organization’s strategic management by identifying stakeholders, publics, and issues around the consequences facing the organization. Sung (2004) summarized the model can be divided into a three-stage process: the stakeholder stage, public stage

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1441 words - 6 pages . But the two got through twenty-eight pre-trial hearings, 313 days of evidence and submissions stretched over three years, 18,000 pages of transcripts, and 40,000 pages of documents and witness statements. After all was said and done, Steel and Morris were required to pay McDonald's $98,000 in damages. But this was hardly enough to fix the public relations damage done to McDonald's during the trial. This was hardly a victory for McDonald's. For

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1416 words - 6 pages consistency by firms. Strategy as a position looks at how organizations interact with the external environment, and how they place themselves in the competitive environment. Mintzberg also defines strategy as a perspective. This view explains strategy as the behavior and actions of the organization’s collectivity, which are aimed at achieving a common mission. Public relations is a management function that identifies, establishes and maintains

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Functions Of Public Relations Essay

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955 words - 4 pages The functions of Public Relations (PR) can be grouped into two loose categories: organizational and societal. Many viewpoints of the functions fall into both categories and are not mutually limited. The scope of organizational functions of PR involves actions concerning the company, and societal functions of PR interests' activities regarding society. Organizational functions of PR are activities that interact with or affect organizations while

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976 words - 4 pages Functions of Public PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 5 Running head: FUNCTIONS OF PUBLIC RELATIONSFunctions of Public RelationsTiffany Nicole JacksonUniversity of PhoenixPublic RelationsMKT/438John KautenbergerAugust 23, 2007Functions of Public RelationsThere are many functions of public relations that can be classified as organizational or societal. Some of the functions are media or electronic media relations, community or multicultural community