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Functions Of Public Relations Paper

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What are public relations? Several definitions have been adopted by businesses and organizations. Denny Griswold, who founded Public Relations News, claimed that public relations is a management function that evaluates public attitudes, identifies policy and procedures of an individual or organization with the public interest, and plans and executes a program of action to earn public understanding and acceptance (Seitel, 2004). Within that definition of public relations are functions of public relations. Functions of public relations are grouped into two categories. The first category of public relations is organizational functions.Organizational functions of public relations involve the activities that interact with the organization. The organizational function is mainly internal to the organization and focuses on the product and communication according to the policy of the organization. Communication management is a function of organizational management that the Boeing Company practices daily. For instance, at the Boeing Information Systems plant in Anaheim, Boeing has over 3000 employees working on many different parts of one product. One team may be working on the software development of the project, one team may be working on the hardware part of the product, and one team may be tracking cost and timeline schedules. In order to do this effectively, Boeing has systematic processes in place that must be followed to the letter. Each team manager will have its daily or weekly staff meeting to ensure compliance with product and policy. Management will have its weekly meeting to ensure each team is in sync with the performance processes. On a monthly basis, upper management will bring all the teams together as a whole to recognize what the teams are doing well and what the teams can do better to stay on course of meeting project deadlines, and sell-off dates.Government affairs are another form of organizational communication. Boeing is contracted by the United States Air Force to build many communication systems for its aircraft as well as working on ideas for future communication systems. In order for Boeing to build communications systems and conduct research for future systems, it must be funded by the federal government. Since Boeing gets its funding from the federal government, Boeing must adopt and practice the policies of the federal government in order to maintain the funding it gets from the federal government. Boeing has to go through many different types of audits to ensure they are in compliance with the federal government and building to the stated specifications. Communication management and government affairs are two types of organization functions that are practiced at Boeing. Boeing also practices many types of societal functions of public relations.Societal functions are public relations...

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