Functions, Skills And Rolls For A Ceo´S Pharmaceutical Company With Headquarters In Munich.

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IndexIntroduction3Skills4Functions5Leading5Planning5Organizing6Controlling6Roles6Figurehead6Leader6Disseminator/ Spokesperson:7Conclusions7IntroductionBeing the chief executive officer of a large scale company in any field is no easy task. In the pharmaceutical industry the technical specifications make it all the more difficult. The general job description of a CEO in this field is to control daily operations and greatly influence strategic direction, working directly with the Board of Directors. The right candidate must have significant senior executive experience leading a biotechnology, pharmaceutical and/or medical device company with full profit and loss responsibility. Due to the demanding nature of the profession, these types of managers are usually best grown in the field of work, making their way from a medical or biotech background, finally reaching higher level management positions.The primary goal for the CEO is to expand intellectual property, patents, trademarks, market applications for the company's products and capital raising, as well as establishing strategic relationships in order to build shareholder value. This candidate will be responsible for the identification, recruitment, and management of the senior executive team as well as overseeing the hiring of all levels within each department of the organization. They must identify opportunities and negotiate various agreements and author company policy. The latter is quite important in terms of corporate culture and how the employees are handled. The field of science is usually filled with enthusiasts, which is something that needs to be well established in the company culture and used to maintain motivation in this highly competitive industry.Previous experience in working with the FDA, including scientific research as well as clinical testing and compliance is preferred, which constitutes a strong medical background. Moreover, the candidate must have a strong background in patent enforcement including priority directives and scientific proliferation. However, there's also the administrative side which includes having experience with negotiating and implementing many forms of contracts, partnerships, licensing, sublicensing and merger & acquisition both scientifically and non-scientific.Having outlined the basic description of what a CEO of a pharmaceutical company would look like on paper, it's also important to look into the three necessary aspects that will make him a good manager in practice. These include the functions that he has to undertake in order to effectively lead the company; the various roles that the candidate is to step into during his employment, whilst dealing with all sorts of publics and situations; and the skills that one needs in order to successfully take on the functions and roles.SkillsWe will start with this last point as in fact it’s the basis of what makes a manager competent. There is an entire skill set necessary for effective...

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