Fundamental And Technical Analysis Of Ote (Hto) In Nyse (New York Stock Exchange) And Ase (Athens Stock Exchange)

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IntroductionThe main goal of this paper is to analyze and trace both fundamentally and technically the progress that the stock of OTE (HTO). The fundamental analysis is based on the values given by NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) historical data, while as the technical analysis is done on the basis of the ASE (Athens Stock Exchange). The reason for which this has been done is to compare and contrast how the same company moves differently in two different stock markets, not only in different countries, but in different continents as well. Following, there is a brief history of the company according to the 20-F form and the NYSE.Brief history and development of OTE (HTO) According to the 20-F Form of Hellenic Telecommunication Organization:Hellenic Telecommunications Organization S.A., known as OTE or OTE SA, was incorporated as asociété anonyme in Athens, Greece, under the laws of the Hellenic Republic in 1949, pursuant to the provisions of Legislative Decree 1049/1949. We are now operating as asociété anonyme subject to the provisions of Greek Law 2190/1920 (the "Greek Companies Law"); Law 3016/2002 as amended and supplemented by Law 3091/2002 and Law 2733/1999. Our registered office is located at 99 Kifissias Avenue, Amaroussion 15181, Athens, Greece. Our telephone number is +30210 6111574. Our agent for service of process in the United States is Puglisi and Associates, 850 Library Avenue, Suite 204, P.O. Box 885, Newark, Delaware 19715.The Greek State owned 34.6% of our share capital as of May 31, 2005.Historically, we have been the exclusive provider of fixed line voice telephony in Greece and have provided local, long-distance and international telecommunications services to Greek and foreign businesses, consumers and government agencies. As of January 1, 2001, our period of exclusivity in the provision of fixed line voice telephony services expired and the market is open to competition. In preparation for and following liberalization and in order to face competition under the European Union policy objectives, our effort has been to maintain our position as the leading provider of fixed line voice telephony in the Greek telecommunications market by exploiting the enhanced capability of our network and restructuring our tariffs, as well as expanding the range of our services and remaining actively involved in high-growth business areas. (Taken from form 20-F of Hellenic Telecommunication Organization)Brief history and development of OTE (HTO) According to NYSE ( Telecommunications Organization S.A. (OTE) is the parent company of a group of subsidiaries active in all aspect of telecommunications and other related businesses, incorporated both in Greece and abroad. As a provider of fixed-line voice telephony in Greece, OTE provides local, long-distance and international fixed-line telecommunications services to Greek and foreign businesses, consumers and government agencies. In addition, the...

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