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Basic Programming Language Introduction This Is An Explanatory Report On What I've Learned About Basic (From A Book) And May Need Improvements.

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Armen MelidonianBASIC Programming02-19-04Period 4Chapter 01-07 ReportTo start off with, in Chapter 01 you will be using such keywords as RUN, PRINT,LPRINT, LIST, LLIST, END, and etc..... In order to instruct the program to do thingsthat you want it to do from your program list which you would like it to do, you must usekeywords and run it then when you have completed your program list that you would likethe computer/PC/etc. to run when you are finished writing or maybe typing your programof which has a purpose that you would like to happen.First of all, I will be telling you about keywords that you would use to be in theprocess of writing or maybe even typing your program that you would like to happen inthe real life of the program.Chapter 03Basically, this chapter involves learning how to organize and design your program. It just mainly focuses on getting you to understand how to be more organized in the process of writing the program.One of the first things you will need is a program documentation sheet. A program documentation sheet is a form which contains spaces for you to write various information about your program. One program documentation sheet is required per program.What a program documentation sheet contains are these sections:Program - write the name of your programProgrammer - write the name of the person who will be writing the program (programmer)Date - the date that the program was writtenPurpose - a place to write the main purpose of your program (what it will be doing)Input - what information (data) the program will require the user to enter or what information that it will take/obtainOutput - what the type of information/data the program will display onscreen or just what it will be showingData Terminator - the variable/data that will tell the computer that it's referring back to stored data has ended (this should be ignored now because you only need to know it later)Variables Used - the variable words would be listed here, along with what data they will represent replacing (this should be ignored now because you only need to know it later)There are several steps you should take in the process of writing (as in planning) your program:Step 1: Plan The Desired Output And Identify The Required InputIn the creation of a program, you would rather plan-out what it is that you would like to happen beforehand, rather than jump into typing-out the program off the top of your head. It is much more organized and easier to plan the program by the program documentation sheet.One of the first steps you would need to take is considering what it is that you would like your program to do. That information would need to fill-in the space "Purpose" on your program documentation sheet.Next, figure out what you want the program to show [what the output will be]. You will need to plan that out on the section "Output" on your program documentation sheet.Now, you would need to plan-out how your program will get the information of which it would...

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